Saturday, January 4, 2020


Hello All, 

Floral can go a long way. The question is, can you wear floral in winter? I'm here to tell you YES YES and YES!!! Introduce spring floral to your winter wardrobe. In pairing floral pieces you must be a tad bit strategic. Here's what you need to do by being a floral pro: 

1. Compliment your fabric with darker colors that goes with the winter season
2. Cover-Up your floral that you can pair underneath a dress, a cardigan or paired with a blazer. 
3. Adding different textures into your floral look such as velvet like the dress I wore with this floral top. 
4. Have fun with picking the best floral look this winter 

Photos by: Carlton Hart 

What's your favorite floral look for this winter? 


H&M: Top 
WHO WHAT WEAR at Target: Dress 
Sam Edelmen: Boots 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New York Fashion Week....

 Hello All, 

Day 2 was epic. I really enjoyed getting into fashion shows just being around fashion-minded people. I think what I realized it's not about how many followers I have. As an influencer whether your A to D list status, your content throughout the fashion shows is imperative. Being at a fashion show is one thing. Actually getting the coverage for the show is ideally what an influencer needs to get while at the show. I've seen people sitting in the front row just sitting in the front row. I've talked to many people who actually work during the fashion shows. They've all said the same thing, the attendees that sit in the front row or that are attending these fashion shows. Are not promoting the designers brand. 

What do you mean? 

When you get into these fashion shows, the first thing is to find the hashtag associated with the designer. Most of the time you see attendees not using the hashtag of the designer. They are all taking selfies...hey look at me I'm at "Ruby Fang Fashion Show". This is bad for the designer because they need all the promotion from the attendees that come to their fashion show. 

How many people come to the show? 

At least 1,000 attendees are attending these shows.  Out of 1,000 attendees at least 100 attendees are actually working during the fashion show. Honestly, this is a bad disappoint for NYFW and the designer. NYFW to me is a job. I'm a reporter for my blog and getting the content to promote the designers' brand. I don't go to shows to go to shows. I promote for the fashion designers, Who else will promote for the designer. During the shows, I'm getting photos and video content that I can use to post on my social media platforms. After the show is over, I look back at my coverage. I see the garments and the collection for what it is. I sit in the front row, I'm getting the coverage of shooting photos or video. 

NYFW has changed? 

When I first attended NYFW back in 2014, it was so different. More organized and PR companies looking at your quality of work. I send at least 100 pitch letter expressing my desire to attend any fashion shows during fashion week. Guess how many invites I receive at least 10 invites. All the work I put in is not valued. I actually have worked hard in providing reviews from the shows. Sending my coverage links to PR companies. It honestly doesn't even matter. Let's say you get invited to attend Chromat Fashion show. You get to the venue to get your ticket and it's a standing ticket. 

And how many people have standing tickets at least 500 attendees? 

There's no way all those attendees standing outside are going to get into the show. And sure enough, the designer overbooked the show. Attendees storm off mad and confused, Why send an invite and tell attendees they can get into the show. It makes you not want to attend these shows. They're not looking at what attendees who will promote their brand. Nonetheless, the designer wants to fill the venue space which is more important than attendees quality of work. 

Will I attend NYFW in February? 

Yes, I'll be ready. This is my honest opinion what I observed during fashion week. I think next year I'll explore, shop, and go to presentations for smaller brands. I'll enjoy fashion week instead of worrying about what fashion shows I'll be attending. 

Friday, September 6, 2019


Hello All, 

My mindset right now is about being comfortable in my own skin. In me being comfortable, I feel fashion has helped me in achieving this comfort. 

Healthy kick is something that is a must. If I don't have a healthy lifestyle I definitely won’t look good in my clothes. Being Healthy and fashionable is a mindset.  Healthy kicks are literally the new fashion. If your doing the new keto diet or the 10 day challenge then your with the new trend. If your not doing it people are looking at you like your crazy! 

We have sense to put on an image for others. Like for instance, people measure your wealth by the amount of money you have and what one can afford. But really only one who’s a celebrity can afford expensive things. Or should I say if you making over $100k you could afford expensive items. Who Wants to base their life on buying expensive things that are expensive. I go back to how you feel
comfortable makes you feel confident in one self. I rather continue to go shop in thirds store, target, hm, Zara clothing stores that I can afford. 

As you look at my outfit this look is what I can afford. I find reasonable items that look good and are inexpensive. You can still be put good look together on a budget and wear a statement look. I hope you enjoyed my conversation and send me a comment below let me hear the most expensive clothing you've ever bought. 

Fashion Love 


TOBI: Top 
H&M: Pants 
Zara: Shoes 
Sugarfix by target: Earrings 
Apar Designs: Bag 
Monday, August 26, 2019


Hello All,

Do you ever have that those times, wearing white makes you on edge? When I wear white it makes me look at my look every five minutes. I’m always on the watch…lol. Although I can’t stand getting my white clothes dirty that doesn’t stop me from wearing white! So I love wearing white it has such a slick look. I think this look is versatile and stylish, it can be easily be incorporated within your wardrobe. If you look in the magazine on the runway, this trend has emerged every season. You can wear white that has ruffle sleeves to flared pants. If your simple as I am you’ll find many ways to incorporate white look from day to night and season to season. I choose to wear my look with a basic top and white slacks paired with white booties. If it gets cold outside I brought my jean jacket. I keep my looks simple that anyone can wear or try to wear the same look. I’ve could of went on the wild side and added a pop of color especially neon top with neon shoes. What do you think? This look can be worn to brunch, a casual date, or nice happy hour outing.

This season is the right time to embark on this trend. Be stylish without being stylish by breaking all the most tried and tested trends. This hue can make you look polished and clean. Make a statement wearing the white trend as you’ll stand out!

GAP: Jacket
Theory: Pants
DSW: Shoes
VioletDC: Tank
SugarFix: Necklace

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Hey All,

If you're in the metropolitan area and you want to get away go visit Sandy Point State Park Beach. The beach is located in Annapolis Maryland. I went there for a couple hours just to relax my mind. The drive was not too bad only 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once we arrive we had to pay a car admissions fee of $7 to get into the beach. We went during the summertime, which it's always crowded all summer long. I was able to find a space to set-up my beach tent and have my own area. The experience was super peaceful and relaxing. I love having a beach tent you get your own privacy. We brought some little snack and of course lots of water to drink. So I don't get dehydrated. I had fun and I would definitely go back again. Well before the summer ends!!!

From my experience here are the pros and cons:

-Perfect for a family & friends picnic
-Always find a vacant spot to sit on the beach
-water is cool and clean
-Enjoyed the nature center, playground, flying kites, collecting shells, wading, ...
-Great view of the Chesapeake bay bridge
-Diverse crowds of people

-They only thing I can say about the beach. It's dirty. There's dead fish all along the shore of the beach, so creates a fish smell.
-Overcrowded all year long except for the wintertime starting in October-March
-The sand is not white sand has an orangey color
-Paying a fee to get into the beach

See you next time!


Old Navy: Bathing Suit & Flip-Flops
Nordstorm Rack: Jeans
NYS Eyewear: Sunnies

Friday, August 2, 2019


Hello All,
A month ago, I celebrated my birthday. So Birthday celebrations are for fun! I love birthdays it's the best time to enjoy family and friends. I think as I get older I want to cherish real genuine friendships that you can talk to each other in free space. I've come across people that want to know everything about me, but have nothing say about their life. It makes me think, they don't feel comfortable to talk about personal conversations. I feel like a friendship is with friends that you can have serious and not so serious conversations. I know for me I tell to much, which makes me be an open book. I'm stepping back talking less and observing other people. It's good not always a good thing to say something that can come off in a negative or positive way.

Honestly, it shows growth I realized sometimes I talk about people who rubbed me the wrong which can come off in a negative way. I'm just not going to say, "this person said this" or "this person did this". I'm looking at in one perspective when there's two perspectives yours and the other persons. I need to take everything in stride!

For my birthday this what I learned:

-Don't take everything personally
-Let people talk and have their opinions, you don't have to agree with their opinions
-Don't respond to what others say. Just be quiet it's a good thing!
-Be around positive people that want you to succeed.
-Enjoy life and speak about things that are going to uplift you!


LOUIS ET CIE: Lace-Up Heels
Friday, May 24, 2019


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Here are more sample of graduation invites to take a peek: 
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