Thursday, April 11, 2019


Photo by: Anne Lapina
Fashionova: Dress
H&M: Top
Sam Edelman: Boots
Target: Hat
So this was literally the last day I was in Paris. This is my final pictures while in Paris. I honestly will miss Paris it just makes me want to come back again. I enjoyed the people, the fashion, and especially the amazing food!!!!! Now that I get ready for next season Paris Fashion Week, I'm going to bring it with my fashion and some! I want to explore more of the city instead of seeing the museum but other things to do in Paris. So get ready for more from me next season at Paris Fashion Week.
Monday, April 8, 2019


Photo by: Anne Lapina 

Forever21: Jacket 
Sam Edelman: Boots 
SugarFix at Target: Necklace 
Unicorn eyewear: sunnies 

If you go to Paris, the eiffel tower is by far the best experience to explore a paris landmark. Although I didn't get inside the eiffel tower just being around was quite enough. I wish I could of experience more of Paris if I had more time. Here's my outfit that I wore a lace dress with some white boots paired with my faux fur jacket. It was raining that day, luckily I had a jacket that kept me warm. During February in Paris, you will definitely need a jacket and a scarf. I was not trying to play with the weather cause it changes throughout the day. I had the best time just walking around the eiffel tower. You should definitely visit if you get a chance?!?!?!

See you next time!!! 

Thursday, March 28, 2019




What’s interesting is fashion week abroad?  

When you think of fashion week, you compare all of the latest trends and styles. I honestly love fashion week it helps me to bring out my fashion to a whole new level. I feel like Paris Fashion Week helped me mold my style. Sometimes I want to fit in. I want to buy certain clothing, jewelry, or shoes to be popular. Even to label me by putting myself in this box with other influencers. Guess what that’s not going to make me successful or popular. I need to be myself. 

True story, I was looking on Valentino website to see if I could buy a pair of shoes. I search and search for websites with discounted Valentino shoes. I was so determined to get these shoes at a discounted price. Honestly, These shoes were not in my budget. Even if I put it on my credit card, what does it say about me? It says I want to obtain a lifestyle that I can obtain with my budget. It’s not ideal. It still was way too much but guess what I can always dream one day. I can afford these shoes. So fashion is not about looking rich with designer clothing and shoes. It’s about whether your style is different. Because if i were to break my banking account is not showing my audience how to be stylish. Or by being authentic with my style. I’ve shopped my closet for Paris fashion week. Bought a few items that were under $100. I think these brands overcharge you for their name, not the item itself. I refuse to pay over $100 unless it’s the best item on me! 

My advice is to stay within your budget. But buy clothing that still looks like a designer not where your breaking the bank. I’m always learning how to be different from my ever-changing style. My style is always on budget or frugal! 

See you next time! 
Sunday, March 3, 2019

Paris Fashion Week Day 4

Paris Fashion Week has been very mellow for me this season. I really have experienced not only fashion but the city. I think that when we have an agenda in my mind we make a list to do this and that. We usually don't do anything on our agenda. I spent hours trying to get my agenda in order for Paris fashion week and leisure. The only thing I did on my agenda was going to my favorite place the Galeries Lafayette the big mall in Paris. It's literally my go-to for getting all my eating, shopping, and souvenirs. As my time comes to an end in Paris, I only have one more night.  And I'm going to live it up! I seriously don't want to leave! 

Violet Dc: JAcket 
H&M: Striped Jacket & Dress 
Sam Edelman: Boots 
Forever21: Belt 
Nordstrom: Beret 
Friday, March 1, 2019

Paris Fashion Week: Day 3

Hello All, 

What I love about Paris Fashion Week is that I can literally emulate Parisians style to my own style. Even though my style is simple I can pick a trend by incorporating within my wardrobe. It's a real skill! For my look, I wore Eva Mendes pleather green skirt that I adore. I was searching and searching for where I could find a green jacket that can go with this skirt. For real, I didn't need to go far. I had this jacket from the gap which was not the same green. On the runway, I have seen the trend where some fashion collections aren't doing the matchy-matchy looks. There picking colors in the same or in a similar color family. Guess what?!?! I saved my money by using my leafy green jacket from Gap which is comfortable and warm. 

I love that I could wear this look all day! I had my edgy sparkly booties that were super stylish. I got so many compliments from Parisians that wanted to know where I got these shoes. They were so surprised I got them on sale from Aldo. Nice right! I had my go-to lace top from h&m. For this fashion week, I learned that I can wear a lot of my stuff in my closet just making my whole look super new. Now it's your turn, Go out there and shop your closet! 

Gap: Jacket 
H&M: Top 
Aldo: Booties 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Paris Fashion Week: Day 2

Hello All, 

Fitsonme is in Paris and trying to bring it with the fashion. I was nervous I wasn’t going to get into any shows. Luckily, I ended up getting into two fashion show and it was amazing. Now for the rest of the week I have presentations. I learned that you have to start somewhere. It’s not easy getting into the fashion shows in Paris, I emailed almost  25-30 shows. And only received 2 invites, if your starting out going to fashion week abroad. You have to be patient it takes time to build your repoar with the public relations agency. 

Some tips:
1. Post content immediately-If you do get content from the fashion shows post your content immediately. The brands want to see their collection being promoted. 

2. Hashtag and Tags- use the brands and hashtag. The brands needs to see which attendees are posting about their brand.  

3. Be patient- if a brand doesn’t know you. Make them know you this gives you reliability and presence. Because your the new kid on the block and it’s your first day. So put your name out there! 

4. Build relationships- I learned that most individuals in the fashion industry are trying to do the same thing as you. So work together to help one another build their brand. As your trying to build your brand too. 

5. Have fun- if you don’t get into shows explore invites with showrooms and presentation. There’s so many opportunities in Paris that are awaiting you. So go out there and have fun! 

For me, I have what it takes. I know that I can make it in Paris it will take sometime. I’m willing to put in the work. 

As for my look, I got this 3-piece outfit from New York & company from Eva Mendes line. I’m in love with this look. It’s super comfortable and works well with my body type. I really lucked out I got this 3-piece look for only $50 what a steal! Check out more looks during my week of Paris Fashion Week! 



New York & Company by Eva Mendes: 3-Piece Set 
Sam Edelman: Boots 
Burlington Coat Factory: Beret