Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Via Gypset: Vintage Dress
Zara: Shoes
Vintage: Jacket 
H&M: Necklace  

Hello Happy Tuesday! Today's look, is a sneak peak of what I'll be wearing out for NYE...So excited, I got this perfect dress at Via Gypset. The thing is I have an outfit, but nowhere to go to with this look! Any suggestions?

Regardless, as 2013 ends and 2014 approaches, I'm thinking what's my New Years Resolutions. I have five things I seriously need to accomplish for 2014...

1. I need to finish up my tests
2. I need to finish up projects that I've started.
3. Always being positive and making every situation a positive one.
4. Meeting more and more people that will help in this fashion world
5. Making this blog "excel to the stars" sounds like a cache', but when you put the time into anything it will grow...I just have to feed it, right :)  

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions for 2014? 

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Sunday, December 29, 2013


I’ve been using Topiclear Inc products. Their products really do what they say they will. And if that’s not enough, Topiclear Gold products unite 100% natural ingredients with Vitamins A, C & E to help soften and moisturize rough, dry skin, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant.

When I first got this product in the mail, I used immediately. In the morning, I washed my face with the cocoa butter soap. Afterwards, I used the cocoa butter skin lightening lotion. You can use either the lotion or the cocoa butter lightening cream, which both works to even out your skin.

I’ve tried about all the lotions/lightening creams especially for removing blemishes on the market…. People think that using this product is overnight process, but no you have to use it at least twice a day to see results. Each day my skin looks feels smoother and brighter. It's best to use a quarter amount of the cocoa butter lightening cream and best to wait a couple minutes so it can absorb into the skin. 

To say I’m pleased with the results is an under statement!

Topiclear Inc products are only available from their Website , not in stores. They offer The Topiclear family of products includes three distinct collections - the Classic Collection,the Gold Collection and their  latest addition the Paris Collection.

The company offers products that contain high quality ingredients that gently exfoliates and works with the skin leaving it clearer and more even toned.

Do yourself a favor & give them try TODAY! 

See you next time! 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas from F.I.T.S on ME!

Photo by Achieng' Ragwar

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Monday, December 23, 2013


H&M: Jacket, Top, and Necklace
Vintage: Pants 
GoJane: Pumps 
Dooney & Bourke: Bag

Hello Happy Monday! Christmas time is awesome, it's about giving and receiving gifts...hahaha maybe that's what I love about Christmas. Who doesn't love getting gifts....uhhh I do! It won't be the same this Christmas my parents will not be joining us as there in Kenya.....Where it's nice and warm, I'm so jealous! This year is going to be my two sisters and I...which is totally fine by me :) I'll be going to a lot of Christmas parties, I think that it's important to really know what to wear to a Christmas Holiday party. Here's my holiday party look which you can wear either from DAY or NIGHT. 

Don't forget to check out my blogger friend Kenya over at Kenyal Fashion Blog where she gets in the spirit of Christmas with her chic holiday looks too! 

See you next time! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Forever 21: Sweater &Accessories
H&M: Pants & Vest
Vintage: Shoes
Stella & Dot: Bracelet
Dooney & Bourke: Satchel
Revlon: Eye & Lip Make-up  

Hello Happy Wednesday! I hope your having a good week so far. 

"Some seem to hide their face 
As if concealed by a mirror---
Disguising their true intentions---
Replaced with those unreal to see. 

But look within my glowing eyes---
Do not be fooled by their quiet stare---
For all you will find is truth and serenity, 
And the clear reflection of my enchanted soul".  
---by: Marc Duggan

Enjoy and See you next time! 

Photos by Fatima Campbell

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Monday, December 16, 2013



Hello Happy Monday! If you have sisters like I do then you know that gift giving is an essential as sisters...and you have to give her a gift that's on point. Every year, my sisters write down a list of gift ideas that we should go by. Usually, I use it as a guide and I'll find something better that will work within their wardrobe or a cool gadget. When I give gifts I think about who I am giving the gift to. Most of time, I spend hours making sure the gift is something they'll like. My two sisters are completely different that's what I love about giving gifts, how it works to their personality, style, and of course body type. This year is about getting gifts they will use for my lawyer sister new job and my other sister in preparation for her upcoming book and soon to be author. Can you relate to this Holiday Gift Guide for your sister(s), Have you ever given a good or bad gift to your sister? 

Happy Holidays! 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Via Gypset: Jacket 
H&M: Top, Necklace & Sunglasses
Target: Jeans 
Vintage: Shoes 

Hello Happy Wednesday! This is day 2 of my trip to New York. My friend and I went to Williamsburg , a hipster neighborhood of diverse cultures including Italian, Puerto Rican, Hasidic Jewish and Polish. Walking the streets of Williamsburg you'll explore trendy bars, restaurants and little shops that caters to your style that you would want. Even though, it was a bit chilly that day we were able to get some good photos for that afternoon. Enjoy and see you next time!

Photos by Juliana Thrall 

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Monday, December 9, 2013


Forever 21: Jean top 
H&M: Jacket 
Target: Jeans 
Turquoise Jewelry Boutique: Neckalce 
Betsy Johnson: Bag 
Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses

HAPPY MONDAY! I went to New York a couple weeks ago. Here's some photos of me in central park and browsing the shops of New York. I was able to relax , meet up with nice people and hang out with some old friends. I realized that I need to take a va-cay more often. New York has some amazing food my first day I had pesto chicken on Italian bread,  second day I had chicken barbecue sandwich with fries and mimosa. I didn't shop as much as I usually do when go to NYC, but they had nice little shops it gives me inspiration, if your like a crafty go-getter like myself. 

If your into vintage or finding little treasures the  ABC Carpet & Home is just for you, I loved these African inspired woven bowls and necklaces super cool! 

I felt overwhelmed by Dylan's Candy Bar that store is sweet heaven they have any candy imaginable.

 I would totally would go back to  Marimekko to get some fabric for my sewing projects. I think when I get sick of this corporate world, I'm totally going to move to New York. 

Photos by Juliana Thrall

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Monday, December 2, 2013



Hello Happy Monday! I had a great opportunity to do an article for DOMICILE MAGAZINE, 
a lifestyle magazine that takes pride about connecting with our community in the metropolitan area. Domicile reaches out to businesses or a fashion go-getter by being involved in the community. Domicile Magazine team works hard to show that we all can work together by taking their experiences through networking or just going to a restaurant and eating good food.....you remember when you could go outside and everyone would say hello to strangers. That's how I see Domicile a community journey in a magazine.  

So about my article, I talked about "What to Wear This Season-10 looks to try for this winter season". I wanted to write an article that expressed "my list" of some trendy styles that you can incorporate within your wardrobe. This experience was worth while, I got that itch to write for a magazine which is one of my passions.  Doing this project showed me how to be organize especially for a magazine photo shoot, writing your own article, and finding great poses! So much thought goes into making a successful article. To see my success in print makes me so happy, I'm glad to embark on this great experience and enjoying the finished product.

Read my full article at Domicile Magazine  

You want the opportunity to work with Domicile Magazine whether your a business or blogger contact them today by clicking here

Also follow Domicile Magazine on
Twitter: @domiciledc
Instagram: @domiciledc

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


All my looks for the past year.
Happy Wednesday!!! Today is my 1 year Anniversary of Blogging. I can't believe, I've blogging for this long.I'm so thankful to all the support and F.I.T.S on ME sends out a thank you letter to all my followers and new followers:

 1. Let's me start off by saying THANK YOU all that come on my blog and leave such wonderful comments.

         2. Thank you for you have inspired me to work harder and post things that are unique and different. 

                         3. Thank you which I've learned so much from you fashion bloggers, and although I'm a rookie I hope to learn and grow from this blog. 

4. Thank you, for coming on this journey with me as my blog is my baby and I hope to continue to nurture and take care of it as it was my own. 

                                5. Thank you this year has allowed me to not be my worst critic and to be thankful for everything about my blog . 

6. Thank you for I can say, I'm stamped as a fashion blogger, it's completely fun and liberating as you have helped my hobby turn into something more. 

                                            7. Thank you, as I don't let fashion rule my life, but fashion is how I present myself to the world. 

8. Thank you, I hope to present outfits that LRW: you will love, you'll remember, and you'll want to wear!

                            9. Thank you, I hope this year will bring me new followers as well as continue to keep my new fashion blogger friends. 

                                            10. Thank you, for I still can bring more to the table and tuning in every WEEK for not just post, but More and More! 

Really a Big Thanks to all again and again! Have a happy Wednesday and stay safe out there in this fashion world...lol...Till next time!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Target: Dress 
Forever 21: Jean Top, Accessories & Sunglasses
Vintage: Red Pumps 
Stella & Dot: Necklace
Dooney & Bourke: Bag
Revlon: Lip, Eye make-up & Nail polish

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Today's look is stripes with some bold red details. Who doesn't love stripes? I got this stripe dress at Target , I knew this dress was perfect for this fall season. I love playing with colors, especially adding my  Stella & Dot necklace and my red pumps, Do you think this works with my ensemble? See you next time!