Wednesday, January 23, 2013


WHAT I WORE: Vintage : Jacket: I Forever 21: Jean Collared Button-Up I Vintage: Jeans I Forever21: Necklace I H&M: Pink Pumps

Happy Wednesday! I took these photos last weekend and it was so beautiful outside that it felt like fall weather. I was trying to put this outfit together and I started to grab my black pumps and realized that I could rock my fascia pumps instead! I paired it with my jean button up top and striped jeans. Every daring lady needs to own a bright colored pair of pumps to stand out. These shoes add a dash of color to a very simple look.   What do you prefer, color or neutral pumps? I say spice it up!
Wednesday, January 16, 2013


WHAT I WORE: H&M: Pants I Arden B: Sweater I Forever 21: Chestnut  Bootie Wedges I H&M: Burgundy Hat I Elle: Faux Fur Vest I Forever 21: Bracelets I Target: Leopard Belt I Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag 

 Happy Wednesday!!! So, let me start off with this question…why can't Christmas season have knock off deals all year long? Stores should consider having more discounted sales after Christmas instead of consumers paying full price (I'm such a frugal shopper and I really don't like paying full price, I just love a bargain)! After the Christmas holiday, I bought these two items, the faux fur vest and the chestnut bootie wedges for HALF OFF of the original price. It was totally worth it, because as soon as I picked up these items, the wheels in my head began turning. I was already making outfit ideas that I could create. Personally, if you want shoes that you can wear at work or late night going out with some of your colleagues; booties are the way to go.  Seriously, they are the best things ever made for women because they are so comfortable and you can still be so stylish (Let's keep it real;you won't damage your feet after 3 hours of wearing them). I cannot tell you enough how much I love faux fur vest...I've learned over the years that you should keep key pieces that never go out of style. As soon as I saw this vest, it reminded me of the many puffy vests I have from from the 90's.  I'm not ever giving away this vest; it is so versatile that there are so many ways to wear it.  You can opt to wear this vest by putting it over jackets, sweaters, blazers, or even a dress. No matter how you wear it-- dressed up or down, you can still pull off a chic look and still keep warm during the winter...Brrr, it is cold out there!                                                 

                                                  Fashion Love,


Photos by: Steve Nero
Wednesday, January 9, 2013


WHAT I WORE: Ann Taylor: Grey Buttoned-up and Tapered pants I Forever 21: Crazy Cute Love Sweater I H&M: Pointy Platform Heels I Forever 21: Necklace I Target: Lace Stockings & Hat  I Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag

Happy Wednesday!! Sorry for not posting last week, I'm totally back and ready to roll for this New Year!!I hope you all had an amazing New Year and staying safe out there :) 

You remember the time, when you were a kid and your mom use to dress you up in an outfit that would be so matchy-matchy. Well, my mom did and she would have me wearing a nice puffy pink dress with so many bows, I think the dress was bow She then would pair the dress with a pink cardigan, white stockings, and white Mary-Jane flats.....can't deny it was super cute!

Seriously, you can still dress yourself the same way your mother did when you were a kid. Right now, the new trend is matchy-matchy wearing different shades of the same color. I think that if your not comfortable wearing bold colors in your outfits, the matchy-matchy trend is a good way to make your outfit be simple without trying to be too trendy. I sometimes go really crazy with bold prints and colors that I need a day to tone my outfit down. I'm still experimenting with this trend, hopefully my next post won't be lime green matchy-matchy....:)

                                                                                   Fashion Love,

Photos by: Steve Nero