Wednesday, November 20, 2013


All my looks for the past year.
Happy Wednesday!!! Today is my 1 year Anniversary of Blogging. I can't believe, I've blogging for this long.I'm so thankful to all the support and F.I.T.S on ME sends out a thank you letter to all my followers and new followers:

 1. Let's me start off by saying THANK YOU all that come on my blog and leave such wonderful comments.

         2. Thank you for you have inspired me to work harder and post things that are unique and different. 

                         3. Thank you which I've learned so much from you fashion bloggers, and although I'm a rookie I hope to learn and grow from this blog. 

4. Thank you, for coming on this journey with me as my blog is my baby and I hope to continue to nurture and take care of it as it was my own. 

                                5. Thank you this year has allowed me to not be my worst critic and to be thankful for everything about my blog . 

6. Thank you for I can say, I'm stamped as a fashion blogger, it's completely fun and liberating as you have helped my hobby turn into something more. 

                                            7. Thank you, as I don't let fashion rule my life, but fashion is how I present myself to the world. 

8. Thank you, I hope to present outfits that LRW: you will love, you'll remember, and you'll want to wear!

                            9. Thank you, I hope this year will bring me new followers as well as continue to keep my new fashion blogger friends. 

                                            10. Thank you, for I still can bring more to the table and tuning in every WEEK for not just post, but More and More! 

Really a Big Thanks to all again and again! Have a happy Wednesday and stay safe out there in this fashion next time!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Target: Dress 
Forever 21: Jean Top, Accessories & Sunglasses
Vintage: Red Pumps 
Stella & Dot: Necklace
Dooney & Bourke: Bag
Revlon: Lip, Eye make-up & Nail polish

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. Today's look is stripes with some bold red details. Who doesn't love stripes? I got this stripe dress at Target , I knew this dress was perfect for this fall season. I love playing with colors, especially adding my  Stella & Dot necklace and my red pumps, Do you think this works with my ensemble? See you next time!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Happy Wednesday! I hope your having a good hump day! Kitiya Mischo King, is celebrating her company called Mischo Beauty that launches an echo friendly toxin-free nail polishes. While pregnant with her son, Kitiya was determined to find a 5 FREE nail formula that was as chic as it was healthy. This is such an exciting event, come and celebrating her launch of my new nail lacquer collection!  See below and attached for the launch party invite, which is this Wednesday, November 13th from 6pm-8pm. There will be free manicures, an updo bar, a photo booth, cupcakes and bubbly!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Monday, November 11, 2013


Vintage: Top  & Bag
H&M: Pants 
Forever 21: Necklace 
DV Dolce Vita: Loafers 
Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend! So, I was trying to take pictures inside a mall. These photos are a total experiment. I like how the darkness captures shadows in these photos making them seem mysterious. Also, I wanted my look to have a party appeal by adding sparkle from necklace to the tip of my loafers gives my look some edge! See you next time!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Wednesday, November 6, 2013


H&M: Dress, Vest, & Hat 
Forever 21: Booties 
Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag 
Ralph Lauren: Sunglasses
Make-up: Revlon Nude Lip, Liner & Bronzer
Happy Wednesday! Today, I'm wearing a burgundy floppy hat and cheetah print from H&M, burgundy and cheetah print, have been declared by many in the fashion industry to be the most worn trends. I love how you can mix these two trends together, depending on your style anyone can wear this trend for this fall season.

Want to be featured on my instagram and blog show us your favorite look of burgundy and cheetah print! Get on the movement by following these guidelines:
  • Take a photo of yourself, wearing your favorite burgundy or cheetah print or both trends together
  • Email the photo to 
  • Upload the photo to Instagram, in the caption tag me at,  @fitsonme and use the hashtag, #fitsonmecheetahburg
  • This contest ends on Wednesday 11/13

Get Inspired and Good Luck! 

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png