Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Gap: Top 
APAR: Skirt & Clutch
Vintage: Jacket 
StyleScan: Necklace
 JustFab: Shoes 
Revlon: Eye & Lip Make-up

Hello Happy Wednesday! Here's some more pictures from my NYC trip! I love NYC this city has the best spots to take some great shots!

Being Kenyan has allowed to view culture and fashion with different eyes. I would remember my mom wearing these puffy African sleeve dresses and thinking "she looks ridiculous". As I have gotten older, I appreciate my culture especially the food and fashion. 

It's ironic, I'm in the process of making an modern African line called APAR. Which means 10 in my Luo tribe, As women we wear things that makes us feel good like a 10. In coming up with the name was easy, but making garments that are wearable is another. I decided to research different trends that could be translated into wearable African apparel. I wanted to create this line that is true to my culture and heart. I hope that as I grow as a fashion designer you can love this brand as much as I do! 

When I went to NYC, I made this A-line African skirt from my APAR line with a matching clutch bag!  This skirt is all about the modern day women, but a cool yet lady-like aesthetic. Definitely, check out more updates on my Etsy shop here

I'm so excited STYLESCAN has decided to give all my friends, family, and readers a 15% off anything on STYLESCAN, go now to shop on this amazing trendy brand here

Upon check out, put in this discount code FOM15, enjoy shopping!!!

See you! 

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Friday, April 25, 2014


Happy Friday! I found a great brand of jewelry called Brillant Earth. The story of how Brilliant Earth evolved was brilliant just like their name. Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg Stanford University graduates, turned entrepreneurs started Brilliant Earth. As Beth was challenged of finding the perfect engagement ring which was ethical diamond. Beth by her own experience collaborated with Eric to establish a brand jewelry that was ethical, had quality, and safe.

Brilliant Earth is all about catering to what occasion whether it's wedding ring, jewelry, or gift you'll find fine pure ethical jewelry! Even for myself, don't call me crazy I was browsing the wedding rings and their quite reasonable... Brilliant Earth is about commitment of change "exceptional jewelry that our customers can feel good about wearing".  Each jewelry is environmental safe & quality packaged jewelry designs. This company is about giving back to the community by working together with advocacy groups to promote conflict of diamonds and environmental concerns.

Brilliant Earth has changed my perception of picking a diamond that I can feel good about wearing!?!? Today, April 25th Brilliant Earth launches their jewelry line. Try Brilliant Earth by picking out your fine jewelry on their website!


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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Happy Thursday! You must try this great app called MainSt, it provides info about local business owners and shoppers with fun interviews and photos! And the app is a social network of shoppers that work together to outsmart masses by sharing their shopping experience live. Consumers can support the small business by sharing with the MainST community. They can get on the app, find the business, share it with their friends and take pictures of the things they’ve seen. The more they use it, the more events and promotions they're invited to! 

For example, if I was looking for red pumps for an event tonight in a size 8, I would post it on MainSt and my friends would say "I'm at Zara and just saw the perfect pair!" or a store owner at Wink Boutique could say "Hey, Akinyi, we have just what you're looking for and they're 30% off!" Alternatively, Barney's could reply with "Check these out! We don't have your size but can order them and have them here for you by tomorrow!" The MainST app is useful for shoppers that are looking for a particular item such as apparel, shoes, or home goods. 

Try MainST to make your shopping experience easy!?!?

Click the links below to follow MainST on 

Definitely, come out to Boulevard of Chic Event on April 26th, I'm excited to use the app when it launches, and meeting the founder Shana at the event and Intern Kathleen! 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello Happy Wednesday! Do you need a work space? You should definitely check out Flex Office Space there office space are flexible, affordable, and pain-free.What's great about this space it's way to network and co-work with other business minded people. I like the fact that Flex Office Space has a office feel with your own desk and phone. What they offer is full amenities from 2 floors of desk space, business meeting room, and private workspace room, Wi-Fi, bathroom, and kitchen.What I liked about this space was the freedom to work independently, but still feel like your working in an actual office. They have a promotional going to where you can buy two months of office space and get 1 month free, such a deal!?!?!

If you get a chance go downtown and check out Flex Office Space.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello Happy Monday! Before, I wasn't really into make-up, I would often wear none. When your not use to wearing make-up , I would advise not putting a whole may definitely feel weird. In gradually getting into wearing make-up, I really have fun wearing lip color and blush bronzer. What makes a woman beautiful is when she bares her face by wearing less make-up! For me, I'm all about the natural minimal looking make-up. Ultimately, you want people to think that you didn't try too hard. 

Today's post is all about "How to Wear....Purple Lip" with a tutorial on putting on Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Lip:

1. Start with a Bare lip and putting on foundation over your face. Add concealer to the lip that matches your skin tone, this helps with your lip color lasting all day. 

3.  Using the Revlon ColorBurst, you want to line your lips with the lipstick itself, before applying it all over the lips. Alternatively, you could use a matching lip liner. Since we are using the same lipstick to fill in the lips, there's no need to be exact.

4.  Keep repeating the process until you get to the desired level of purple. Next finish up your look with Bronzer blush and Mascara  for a simple natural look.

Have fun with wearing purple lip!!!!

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Friday, April 18, 2014


"I am is about claiming who you are head on with a light heart and fierce confidence"~Mission.

Hello Happy Friday, I hope your getting ready for the weekend, I wanted to share a perfume I purchased a couple weeks ago called "I am". I am collection is all about proclaiming your fate. It says that if you speak positive words you'll see positive results. I say I am blessed almost everyday, even though we want things to happen immediately like love, money, or a job opportunity...we have to say that we are blessed no matter what the circumstances things could be worse, we have to enjoy what we do have to appreciate what we'll receive! The collection I am blessed has such a sweet smell that just putting on a little bit is all you need. I love how it's so light and soothing, "In an instant, a fine fragrance brings us back to our essence". ...I am collection is a perfect gift to show and encourage by giving confidence to your wife, mother, best friend, family member, or even a co-worker.  "I am is a great perfume like a symphony that brings out my senses".


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