Thursday, July 31, 2014


H&M: Top 
Vintage: Jacket 
Gap: Pants 
Stella & Dot: Necklace
Mac: Eye & Lip make-up
Zara: Shoes

Hello Happy Thursday! It's been while since you all have seen me last. I just wanted to do a fun Q&A of 10 things you want to know about me. So here goes!?!?

1.What does my name mean? My name Akinyi comes from a Luo tribe in Kenya means born in the morning. What's crazy I actually was born in the morning. 

2. Favorite Color: Blues 

3. How many siblings do you have? I have two sisters an older and younger, so I'm a middle child yeah and no middle child syndrome over here! 

4. How tall are you? I'm 5'4 

5. Favorite Blog: My two favorite blogs are Courtney Kerr at What Courtney Wore and Jenny at Crazy Style Love

6. What is your blogging secret? I don't think there is a secret to being a successful blogger. I think that anyone can be blogger, "what you put out is what you'll receive". You should make it a habitat to have different materials or blog posts. Be set apart from other bloggers by being who you are and embracing it!

7. Do you have pets? I have dog a rottweiler his name is Stone. He may look vicious, but he's the most loyal and loving dog...

8. Favorite perfume: Jessica Simpson Fancy. This perfume smells so good on me, it has such a sweet smell! 

9. Can you cook? Yeah actually, I do know how to cook. I learned a little bit of some skills from my mother. I mainly know how to cook Kenyan and American foods. What really helps my cooking skills, trying new recipes on and yummly. I really think of cooking as an art there's so many different creative ways to make a dish. 

10. What's your favorite thing to do besides blogging? I love exercising it really helps my self-esteem and of course blowing off some steam! On my spare time, I love browsing on you-tube and polyvore it's such a great help with getting inspired. 

I hope you enjoyed my Q&A, Let me know any questions you would like to know about me! 

See you next time! 

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