Monday, December 28, 2015



HM: Dress & Hat
Forever21: Jacket 
JUSTFAB: Booties 
Hello Happy Tuesday! I don't know anyone that can't live without cheetah, it's literally the new black. I got this dress from hm a couple years ago, everytime I wear this dress I feel my inner animal...cheetah is such a versatile print you can wear it with almost anything. You can't have enough cheetah I literally have almost everything cheetah  in my wardrobe. If your like me and constantly wear black then wearing cheetah will give you some edge in you wardrobe. This dress is sheer so I definitely had to wear something underneath. I didn't want to add too much jewelry just keeping this look simple as possible. 

Can you live without cheetah? 

See you next time!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Photograher: Carlton Hart 

Vintage: Buttoned-up Top 
Target: Pumps 

Hello Happy Wednesday! As you get older you definitely find yourself. I was at a point where, I had to perm my hair everywhere 2 months I wanted my hair to be straight. So, I went to a photo shoot a couple of years ago, how they styled my hair made me feel comfortable with having a natural look. Really, it's really yourself and how how you want to look to the world. I've come to terms that my hair is not naturally straight its a Afro. I'm oh ok with that. Theirs no need to please what others think of you. I've come to a point where I'm just me. I did this shoot in NYC during Fashion Week with my photograph Carlton Hart. It was perfect because I didn't know this place had all white interior. I was able to bring all white. It worked out, I usually don't do shoots where I feel vulnerable. I decide to show a little skin or somewhat. I think the point was to be myself with just a little make-up and not a lot of accessories. To be bare with my fashion, I liked the simplicity of this shoot. I'm not really a model I don't have a model body. I was like let me do my thang. 

What do you think? 

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Photos by: Carlton Hart 

Vintage: Jacket 
Loft: Jeans 
Aldo: Shoes 
Regal Clothes: Clutch 
Makeup Meltdown: Burgundy Lipstick 

Happy Wednesday!!!! The season maybe changing that doesn't mean you can't wear your summer wear. I feel like you can wear all your summer clothing all year long. Just pair summer wear with clothing depending on the weather. For me, I took my Apar Design pink top paired it with a blazer, jeans, and some pumps giving it a winterize look. Still staying with the seasons you can easily work any look!!! The key is to layer up your look so your comfy and trendy!!!! 

Definitely try it!?!?!

See you next time!!!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Photos by: Carlton Hart 

Karen Millen: Jacket 
Vintage: Top
Converse: Sneakers
Makeup Meltdown: Lipstick
Coach: Bag

Happy Wednesday!!!! Today is all about #mystylestandsfor. Over two years I've changed my style so right now it's evolving. I think when you get to a place of feeling comfortable in your skin. You tend not to care about what people think. I've evolve my style to place where I know myself and I know what styles compliment my style. So I add to my style but still being me. Popnod is reaching out to bloggers or fashionistas that have an unique style. Get on their movement #mystylestandsfor. 

See you next time!!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Photographer: Carlton Hart 

Vintage: Dress & Buttoned-Up Top
Jessica Simpson: Boots 
NYS Eyewear: Sunnies 
Coach: Bag 
Makeup Meltdown: Burgundy Lip Color  

Happy Wednesday. I'm back on the scene. I hope you're all doing well! I just did this cool shoot with my photographer Carlton Hart in Downtown DC. I wasn't sure if this look would look right, but I just went for it! I'm not really into showing alot of skin, I was like it's very PG13...hehee if you know what I mean!!!!

Let me know, what you think? 

See you next time!!!!

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Monday, November 16, 2015


Hello Happy Monday! So I had the chance to try out XOXO Sugar. XOXO Sugar company is all about using pure and real ingredients to replenish your skin. They take pride in using handmade batches from scratch that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

I used their bronze body shimmer makes my skin feel smooth not only that it smells good too!  I tried Pink Lemonade Lip Palm it’s perfect when my lips became dry immediately it lasted all day. Acai Berry Body Butter so better than the coco butter it kept my skin feeling hydrated. The benefits of the Acai berry are best known for their anti-aging but it helped regenerate my skin, giving it a healthy glow. Definitely, you should try XOXO Sugar such great products for your skin!!! 

See you next time!!!

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Monday, November 9, 2015


Photo by: Meke Findley 

Hello Happy Monday! I had the opportunity to work with Makeup Meltdown, this brand is about getting the best service to their clients. First off Aleah Rae Dorsey the owner of Makeup Meltdown ask me several questions to get an idea of what lipstick would be right for me. Once, I knew what color that I wanted...I needed to find the right color for my complexion. She sent me several sample shades that I could chose from. I already knew that I wanted a darker color burgundy shade. She still was consistent in asking more questions and following up with me. To make sure that if I did like this color did I want it to be lighter or a much darker shade. At the end of the day, Makeup Meltdown is about giving the client the right shade that works for you!!!!!!! It helped cause as soon as I put on the lipstick, it was exactly what I was looking for. Which made me satisfied with the results. With all that effort, Makeup Meltdown is giveaway way a free lipstick to one lucky follower...So definitely enter in the Makeup Meltdown Giveaway going on from 11/9-11/19/15. 

Giveway Rules: 

1. the giveaway is only available to residents of the US, UK or Canada
2. Requirement for entry is FOLLOWING @meltyourmakeup on Instagram and Twitter

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