Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Photographer: Carlton Hart

H&M: Jacket 
Kirkland: White Tee 
APAR: Skirt 
Shoemint: Jewelry 
Shoes: Borrowed from blogger Mari2Style

Hello Happy Wednesday! I'm finally back from blogging great break!!!!! I went to #NYFW two weeks ago. I feel like I'm a veteran of #NYFW as my third time going I've learned so much. Starting the process of writing fifty pitch letters to all the designers showing this not getting no response..... to getting we have no space to accommodate your request, really?!?!.... to getting into a few shows.....A lot of rejections but still having a good experience regardless! 

DAY:1 I got off the bus trying to make my first show (what was I thinking carrying all my luggage). I didn't make it by the time I got there the show was over..errrr! So, I reserved an apartment on airbnb. When I arrived getting there realizing my photograph and I (follow him on instagram @carltonhartimages) we're in the wrong apartment cause we had the same key as the tenant (Definitely use airbnb minus this incident I've had good encounters. Seriously if your literally traveling in the US or worldwide you can find a spacious apartment for your stay). 

The evening was spent with fashion bloggers @mari2style, @loveabike @carltonhartimages going to 14th Street-Union Square finding some food in Whole Foods. I love meeting new people that was my first time meeting these two bloggers they very entertaining and full of life! Our experience together was extremely interesting but feeling comfortable with them for the first time was a good thing....I felt like I could tell them anything. We hanged out at a club cause we couldn't get into Stevie Boi show, I guess he's getting too popular now! Leaving and heading on the train for a couple hours due to single tracking. What a day!!! 

See you next time for DAY 2!

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