Friday, January 22, 2016


Photo by: Carlton Hart 

Thirft store: Dress & Jacket 
Forever 21: Belt 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
JustFab: Booties
Makeup Meltdown: Burgundy Lip

Hello Happy Friday!!! Snow hasn't started on the east coast yet. As for me, I'm getting caught up on some sleep and TV shows I don't have time to watch during the week!?!?. I did this look a couple weeks ago, I was like I love just adding accessories to a look making it completely different. The trend these days are to add a belt to a blazer, coat, sweater...and so on...I love belts I use to wear belts with anything back in the day. You know you have retired the look but you can bring it back........until you get sick of the look once again!!!!!

I got this dress and blazer from a thrift store at first I was like not wanting to purchase these items. Than I realized that I had to get them and wear these pieces together.
 Shopping for thrift items takes precision make sure:
1) The items are not damaged, ruined, faded (unless their denim such as boyfriend jeans, chambray top, vest, jacket, and etc....)
2) Make sure the quality of the item looks like you picked it off a department store rack 
3) Pick items that work in your wardrobe and this item can be worn on repeat!!!
4) If the price is right definitely get this item.

 Now thrift stores are the best if you purchase correctly you can get some really good steals. When I'm shopping anywhere I have to imagine it in my wardrobe or how it will work in my wardrobe. I have gotten better of not just buying items just to buy them.

What do you think about this look?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MIX IT UP.......

Photographer: Carlton Hart 

HM: Peacoat 
Rue21: Cheetah Faux Fur
Loft: Jeans 
Justfab: Booties  
NYS Collection: Sunnies
Makeup Meltdown: Burgundy Lip

Hello Happy Wednesday!!! Short post today, I wanted to have fun with look with an all blues attire and adding a touch of Cheetah faux fur to give it a bam!?!?! 

What do you think?

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Photos by: Carlton Hart 

TJMAXX: Sweater & Black and White Top
HM: Jeans 
JustFab: Pumps 
Makeup Meltdown: Lip Color  
Sunnies: Unknown

Hello Happy Wednesday!!! Well I remember when my mom was like you can't wear silver and gold together. It was so unheard of to mix the two together. Now more than ever you see metallic gold and silver being worn together in clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Ultimately the most sophisticated way to pair the two. It can be a struggle to make an outfit a little bit interesting. Wearing gold and silver really gives your look more of a clean and sleek appeal. Adding metallic gold or silver to a simple look, will certainly bring any look with  metallic gold and silver come alive.   I decided to wear metallic gold and silver in my look, it felt like pairing black and white together. Definitely, don't be scared to dive in slowly with wearing metallic in your wardrobe.

What do you think? 

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png
Friday, January 1, 2016

#2016 NEW YEAR NEW ME....

 Photos by: Carlton Hart 

HM: Wrap Top
Forever21: Lace Top
Vintage: Jacket
Gap: Jeans 
Justfab: Booties 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Dooney & Bourke: Satchel Bag 
Makeup Meltdown : Burgundy Lipstick 

Hello Happy New Year 2016!!!! Finally, I wanted this to be my first post coming into #2016. I absolutely love green it's now one of my favorite colors. I got this wrap top from HM Balamin Line it was $59.99 got it on sale during the Christmas sale for $25. I literally snatched that top up with the quickness. 

So this 2016, it's all about not wasting any time bring my all. I have so much to offer that I don't see my worth, I think I need a reality check for myself......hahahahaha This what I've learned so much in 2015:

1) I would just say my opinion not really thinking before I speak because I had to much of a bias opinion. I made everything a personal problem. When really I didn't need to have one. I just need to be quiet let people live and make their own mistake. I can't save anyone only the person upstairs can. 

2) I've tried to wear trends that don't work for my body type and I need to stick with works for me. 

3) I've rocked my hair straight to natural...and loving it. 

4) Putting myself out there not worrying about what people think of me. 

5) Lost friends but gained a few more. 

6) Being truly happy and not looking at the past or holding a grudge.

7) Definitely too old for this...Don't waste time!?!?!

8) My Blog is worth such more and I need to make it worth more. By putting more effort, time, and knowledge, and work. Being unique in what I post but still staying true to my style. Working with more high end companies to get the recognition I deserve!!!!!

9) Actually eating healthy doesn't just consist of just drinking water..hahaha. Making an effort to go to the gym...cause I will look my best in turn feeling my best. Pushing myself to be the best I can. 

10) Literally being me and embracing who I am not apologizing for it....11) Well I can apologize to anyone I've hurt

Now my 2016, being influential, informative, and more assertive in what I want. Oooooooh And being quiet and just listen to people. Keep my opinions to myself unless there warranted....So hard...hahahaha

Bye 2015 and Hello 2016!!!!! 

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