Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hello all,

I received my Bootaybag in the mail. Let me tell you I was really impressed by this brand. Bootaybag Community is changing and helping women with the ultimate goal by loving their underwear. Not to get all deep about my underwear, I'm all about wearing underwear that makes me feel good! You literally have a good day when putting on good pair of underwear. I really love the black one it's super sexy..yess I said it's super sexy! The lace material they use is not super itching but who wants wear uncomfortable underwear. I'm really love it!!!

And Bootaybag is exceptional for choosing the right underwear that works for you! Not only that Bootaybag gives back with every one dollar proceed donated will go to Melanoma Foundation!
 An added Bonus you can shop Bootaybag on a monthly basis for $12 dollars a month and free shipping with your choice of 2 pairs of underwear!

So if your a women get on the  Bootaybag movement by checking out Bootaybag and the women that enjoy their underwear by clicking hashtag #undermatters!


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Photos by: Miranda Drummond

WHO WHAT WEAR: Top & Skirt
Karen Millen: Fringe Jacket
NYS Collection: Sunnies
Jord Watches: Watches

Hello All,

Short post, I hope you're doing well! Almost the weekend and Enjoy the photos!!!

See you next time!!!


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Sunday, March 19, 2017


Photos by: Carlton Hart

WHO WHAT WEAR: Chiffon top & Vest
Vintage: Jumper
H&M: Fedora Hat

Women's Fashion is all about your expression. You can wear anything you want but it's how you wear it. I'm all about light fun layers for spring that you can wear with some fall looks. It's funny, I really don't like wearing shorts...I just don't...This jumper is so old. My mommy got it at I think a thrift store so long ago. You know when your kid you don't appreciate things that are valuable. I overlooked this jumper for many years had it in my closet and never wore it. Surprisingly it still fits, I choose to wear this jumper with any kid of green that I had in my closet. Let me tell you it was a hard task but sometimes you just go with it. If doesn't work definitely try different options that's what fashion is about. You have many options usually one of them will work for you!

Wear trends that are timeless that will last for a long time. Look through your closet most of those old trends have been recycled and used again. Don't overlook pieces that are still trendy no matter what time period. I thank my mom for taking me to stores that I was not fond of as a kid...I really hated these stores but honestly I wish there was stores like syms, filene's basement, frugal fannies, and more vintage thrift stores... As an adult, I can go into any store look at the rack quickly find a piece that's good quality, and I would wear for a long time.  Ultimately, you want unique pieces that no one has....Right!!!

See you next time!!!


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Photos by: Carlton Hart

Calvin Klein: Sweat Pants
H&M: Work Shirt
Public Desire: Booties
Anne Klein: Jacket

Getting my inspiration I'm not going to lie I saw Kim Kardashion wearing this similar look. I loved how she paired sweat pants with more of a classy vibe with fur jacket and fitted top. How about taking your sweat pants to whole new level from Day to night by pairing with more of a edgy appeal. Not only will you look stylish but you feel comfy as though your on the couch watching Netflix on a Friday night...yes I do that.

Honestly, why can't we be comfortable in fashion. You see influencers wearing pajamas pants, slips as a skirt or underneath a long sweater. Fashion is taking stuff you wear around the house or when you go to sleep..that's when you really the most comfortable. I'm all about dressing up my sweat pants all day!!!!

See you next time!!!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Designer, Yuna Yang, showcased her F/W 2017 collection that was inspired by women taking a stand.
The FW17 collection shows that​ sparkle very vibrant looks by creating a playful feel. The FW 2017 runway show, Yuna Yang celebrates women who make a difference with their social and political voices.  
Yuna’s collection features bold but yet elegant pieces. Most of her pieces are from the 19​70’s -inspired​ modern flower prints. In this collection you'll see metallic fabrics to​ transform sweatshirts into​ sophisticated day to eveningwear. Taking pieces that you would wear going on errands or lounging around in the house, she remixed trendy loungewear. Yuna Yang collection celebrates the freedom of speech and fashion we all can have a voice together. 

Enjoy the video from Yuna Yang's F/W 17 show:  


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


M arcel Ostertag, vision for his F/W 17 collection focused on women's empowerment of strength and respect around the world.

 His garments were timeless by each piece telling a story with elegance and gracefulness. These are wearable pieces that women can wear together or separate. What amazed me, Marcel brought back those ruffles you find on work shirts that were craftily made with silky and lacey material. Using a lot of masculine sort of military vibes especially the reinvented bomber jacket paired with delicate sleeves. This was the ultimate masculine inspired collection that had variations of women appeal.

As a women we want to be strong at the same time we want to be graceful and delicate Marcel Ostertag embarked on a powerful clothing line.

 See you next time!!!!


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