Via Gypset: Vintage Dress
Zara: Shoes
Vintage: Jacket 
H&M: Necklace  

Hello Happy Tuesday! Today’s look, is a sneak peak of what I’ll be wearing out for NYE…So excited, I got this perfect dress at Via Gypset. The thing is I have an outfit, but nowhere to go to with this look! Any suggestions?

Regardless, as 2013 ends and 2014 approaches, I’m thinking what’s my New Years Resolutions. I have five things I seriously need to accomplish for 2014…

1. I need to finish up my tests
2. I need to finish up projects that I’ve started.
3. Always being positive and making every situation a positive one.
4. Meeting more and more people that will help in this fashion world
5. Making this blog “excel to the stars” sounds like a cache’, but when you put the time into anything it will grow…I just have to feed it, right 🙂  

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? 
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