Via Gypset: Dress 
H&M: Hat & Vest 
Forever 21: Necklace 
Charm City Noir: Necklace 
Gojane: Pumps 
Revlon: Make-up, Lip & Nail Polish 

Hello Happy Wednesday! Vintage is been around for centuries and has become a distinctive style worn around the world. I love how vintage circle and A-line skirts just have this sophisticated polish vibe. Ultimately, vintage styles have developed especially tops and dresses with a 40s inspired style. 
Today, I’m wearing a Via Gypset vintage dress. Even though, it’s covering me up it still fits me in the right places. Many consignment shops like Via Gypset have vintage pieces that are simply and on trend.  Looking for the perfect vintage pieces is not hard. Keep mind, not going for dresses with to much fabric unless the bodice can slender your frame.You can never go wrong with the top try picking silk tops with unique antique buttons. Either way you can look put together with any vintage pieces that fits your body type.

What’s great about vintage consignment shops in DC, NY or LA you’ll never find the same dress twice!…So you’ll be the only one with that vintage piece…cool right?!?! Right now, vintage has become more acceptable to wear and shop for.

Check out Top 10 website the sell the best vintage inspired clothing:  

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See you next time

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