Happy Thursday! You must try this great app called MainSt, it provides info about local business owners and shoppers with fun interviews and photos! And the app is a social network of shoppers that work together to outsmart masses by sharing their shopping experience live. Consumers can support the small business by sharing with the MainST community. They can get on the app, find the business, share it with their friends and take pictures of the things they’ve seen. The more they use it, the more events and promotions they’re invited to! 
For example, if I was looking for red pumps for an event tonight in a size 8, I would post it on MainSt and my friends would say “I’m at Zara and just saw the perfect pair!” or a store owner at Wink Boutique could say “Hey, Akinyi, we have just what you’re looking for and they’re 30% off!” Alternatively, Barney’s could reply with “Check these out! We don’t have your size but can order them and have them here for you by tomorrow!” The MainST app is useful for shoppers that are looking for a particular item such as apparel, shoes, or home goods. 
Try MainST to make your shopping experience easy!?!?
Click the links below to follow MainST on 
Definitely, come out to Boulevard of Chic Event on April 26th, I’m excited to use the app when it launches, and meeting the founder Shana at the event and Intern Kathleen! 
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