Happy Wednesday! I hope your having a good week so far! Who doesn’t love fashion magazines?, I have a serious confession…The magazines you see in these pictures are not even half of the magazines I have in my house. I collect magazines like they are shoes, I love getting new issues, it’s completely hard to throw them out…I should know by now, most of the fashion magazines have been recycled from year to year! As you can see I have issues from 2009 and we are in 2014, yeah that’s right 5 years I have been collecting these magazines……

H&M: Dress 
Rue 21: Top 
Jessica Simpson: Shoes 
Forever 21: Necklace 
Revlon: Lipstick 
I decide to do a different kinda shoot where the sun just hits my face. In some of the photos I’m totally squinting my eyes, it’s oh ok I love the effect of these photos being overexposed. To feel overexposed feeling “too much of something, especially to allow somebody to appear too much and too often”. In these photos, it gives it a nice effect, what do you think? 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png


Becka’s closet: Top 
Via Gypset: Skirt
GoJane: Shoes 
Sidedish mobile: Necklace & Bracelet
H&M: Sunnies 
Revlon: Eye & Lip Make-up
Happy Wednesday! Shout to my cousin Becka Duncan love that girl, she gave me this top a couple years when she was interning in DC and I think about her everytime I wear it. I love when my family or friends give me something of theirs, literally I’m not throwing this top away. 
This post is all about my cousin Becka who I have gotten closer to over the past couple of years, she is that person that you want to be around all the time, she means so much to me and my family. She’s the most beautiful person in out, such a giving person always thinking of me. I miss you girl, I can’t wait to come to Hawaii to visit hopefully this year!!!! 
We can love fashion all day, but we have to work on our inside. Really fashion is within….Which will make you feel put together from in and out. I’m taking a hint from my cousin and I today work on my inside. I hope that you can see the changes that relates to my fashion within….See you next time! 
Fashion Love, 



Forever21: Bag
 Vintage: Necklace & Shoes
Ralph Lauren: Sunnies
Revlon: Matte Crayon
Hello Happy Wednesday! I hope your having a good week so far. Have you been to TJMAXX feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just feeling discouraged to find that perfect dress? A couple years, I had bought this Calvin Klein dress I got at TJMAXX for like 19.99, it’s the best dress I have ever bought. The quality is magnificent and makes me feel like a queen. When I get it dirty I always dry clean it, which is key for keeping your dress still looking good! 
Today, is all about body types as I was saying before about TJMAXX you feel like you have to search to find that one dress that looks absolutely good on you. For me, I glance into TJMAXX picking almost 5 to 6 dresses that maybe be out of my comfort zone that’s a total different style…I know immediately the one that looks good on me. When shopping in store like this go with your gut…Usually the one that you know flatters your body is the one that makes you feel the best. Always shop your body type!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png


H&M: Top & Necklace 
TJMAXX: Pants   
JustFab: Clutch Bag & Shoes 
Revlon: Eye & Lip make-up
Hello Happy Wednesday! Beauty Tip: Drink as much lemon water helps skin and body! 
Can I tell you, how much I love lemon water!?!?! The only way I can drink water nowadays by adding slices of lemons (or lime). 
My Lemon Daily Regime: 
1. Cut two slices of lemon (or lime)
2: Get a water bottle preferable with a straw (or any kind of water bottle)
3: Add maybe one or two slices of lemon (or lime) to the water 
4: Use a straw or your hands to squeeze out the lemon (or lime) juice
5: This should last you all day, every time you add water to your water bottle…squeeze more lemon juice from the lemon (or lime) into your water
Lemon water has many health benefits by drinking lemon water everyday helps with weight loss, immune system, clearer skin, and fresh breathe. Especially drinking lemon water in the morning, I have been noticing that my skin looks clearer and several people have been commenting on how good my skin looks. They say that lemon water, helps keep you zen….I don’t feel as stressed and more calmer..maybe?!?! If you feel good inside you’ll definitely look good outside, so lemon water can do the trick. It’s so refreshing to drink lemon water it gives you a well balanced day…Try it!!!! 
Definitely, let me know how lemon water has worked for you! 
See you next time! 
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