Photographer: Jeff Beal  
Forever 21: Top, Jacket & Bracelets 
NYC Vintage: Pencil Skirt
Adidas: Sneakers  
Revlon: Lipstick 
Dollar Store: Sunnies
HELLO HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I hope your rested from Columbus day…so who’s says you can’t have fun during the day. Without hurting your feet and just being laid back…let’s be honest you don’t wear heals all the time…I had a fun shoot with this look! While going to work, I would wear my flats or sneakers…We’ll I use to make fun of the those ole ladies that would wear sneakers with their suits…oh don’t forget the socks and nylons…hahaha…why not wear your sneakers with a pencil skirt and a cool top…I need to give my feet a break. Wear sneakers that compliment your look and are fashionable too! 
I choose to wear my pencil skirt with a flashy sparkly top, leather moto jacket, and my adidas sneakers ( My sneakers are still in good shape I’ve had them for almost 10 years!)
Try this casual look with no pain in your game….fashionable you’ll be! 
See you next time!
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