Photos by: Carlton Hart 
TJMAXX: Sweater & Black and White Top
HM: Jeans 
JustFab: Pumps 
Makeup Meltdown: Lip Color  
Sunnies: Unknown
Hello Happy Wednesday!!! Well I remember when my mom was like you can’t wear silver and gold together. It was so unheard of to mix the two together. Now more than ever you see metallic gold and silver being worn together in clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Ultimately the most sophisticated way to pair the two. It can be a struggle to make an outfit a little bit interesting. Wearing gold and silver really gives your look more of a clean and sleek appeal. Adding metallic gold or silver to a simple look, will certainly bring any look with  metallic gold and silver come alive.   I decided to wear metallic gold and silver in my look, it felt like pairing black and white together. Definitely, don’t be scared to dive in slowly with wearing metallic in your wardrobe.
What do you think? 
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