Cranberry with Chia Seeds…..

I’m doing a new series on the blog called #eatwithfitsonme. The series it’s all about eating and eating healthy the foods that you enjoy. Today’s post is we indulge about cranberry with chia seeds.

Cranberry with Chia Seeds

Benefits: the chia seeds definitely helps with fiber and iron if you’re lacking that in your diet. By eating the cranberry plus the chia seeds will curb your appetite. The chia seeds will fill you up which prevents you from overeating. Also you can eat it with yogurt, oatmeal, put in a salad, or eat it plain. 
1/2 cup of cranberry
1 tablespoons of chia seeds
A small bowl, cup, or ziploc bag
Add yogurt or oatmeal (optional)
Directions in a small bowl mix the chia seeds and cranberry together. The chia seeds will stick to the cranberries. Optional add oatmeal or yogurt to give you balance breakfast or snack. 
Caution: the seeds may get everywhere so put this snack in a bowl or cup. On the go put in a ziploc and eat it with a spoon.

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Photos by: Eddie White  
 Nike: Sports Bra
Karen Millen: Jacket  
H&M: Pants 
Maybelline: Lipstick 
Hello Happy Thursday!!! When you realize that you exercise way too much that you’re not taking off your comfy nike sports bra. Honestly, I work out every single day the only day off I give myself is Sunday..I mean I need to rest!!! On the blog, I’m starting a new series called #fitwithfitsonme it’s all about my fitness journey. How I make it a apart of my lifestyle. Before, I use to look frumpy and unhealthy. I try to stay away for my starches and carbs it makes me bloated…I eat healthier foods for breakfast oatmeal with chia seeds and almond butter my favorite. I stay away from rice and eat more salads, avocados, and anything green!!! it’s so hard but I’m getting use to it!
Inspiration for my look: I was looking at other bloggers wearing crop tops and bras. I was saying to myself, I feel a little confident in wearing my sports bra out! It’s so fashionable that I can get away with it wearing it as a top. I’m just showing my stomach…and I’m not 100% fit yet but I’m almost there. But I’m getting there each day cause I’m telling you it’s a process just to be fit. I’m at point where I’m just on feeling good than looking good because that will come afterwards…right!?!?! It’s take time, dedication, and motivation. Ultimately looking your best is really how you feel. I think I feel better than how I was 2 months ago when I was depressed and sad about life and the way I looked. I’m advocate of working out and being consistent in doing so…don’t talk about it be about it…Guess what with patience you’ll get to your goal weight!!! 
See you next time!?!?! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png


Happy Thursday!!!! I had the opportunity to work with Rich KLIQUE
 Well let’s start from the beginning….A consulting services called KRich consulting that provides clients with brand management founded by Kemerlin Richards. It’s interesting how Kemelrin a brand management coach started off giving advice to clients how to build their brand but Kemerlin notice clients we’re unable to utilize the tools for their brand. Especially for a business I think it’s important to understand what it is to be business owner selling products and services your able to get a different perspective. 

Rich Klique: Tee 
 Chinese Laundry : Knee High Boots 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
H&M: Skirt, Choker, Clutch, Cuffs
NYX Cosmetics: Nude Lip 
That’s how Rich KLIQUE was born Kemerlin knew all the tools to build a successful brand she created a brand of tees with a cool logo. And not to mention its part of her name…super brilliant!?!?!
 This brand gives a new outlook on how to be passionate and creative in selling your products. She gives me new outlook to go after your dreams whether big or small. You have to get up start your goals, implement them and put them to action. If you sit on your dreams you’ll never be to your full potential. So head over Rich KLIQUE and support this powerful brand by buying your unisex tee….Yass men can wear them too!!!!!
See you next time!!!!1
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png


Photos by: Eddie White 
Liberian African Print: Skirt & Headwrap
H&M: Top & Necklace
NYS Collection: Sunnies
Nordstorm Rack: Sandals
NYX Cosmetics: Nude Lip
Happy Monday! While I was up in NYC for Fashion Week, I was able to attend the Essence Streetstyle Block Party. The essences block party is all about showing your individuality and exploring the uniqueness of yourself. A lot of the attendees come out to these block parties to meet and mingle with other Afrocentric minded-individuals. I love that it brings unity to not just African American but other races that attend as well. It makes such a diverse atmosphere and I would attend every year. I was able to shop, take some photos, eat, and meet other unique individuals. 
I would recommend attending next September 2017! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png