Photos by: Carlton Hart 

H&M: Turtleneck 
Forever21: Biker Jacket 
New York & Company: Eva Mendes Skirt 
Chinese Laundry: Knee High Boots
Ade Collection: Clutch Bag 
Maybelline: Lip Color
Happy Saturday! I hope your doing well I’m trying to prepare for fashion week. So I’m super busy, I’m already in a lot of shows and it’s not February yet!?!?…the best is the designers contacting you to come to their shows. 
How do you prepare for fashion week? 
For me, I spend a month writing email pitch letter to PR companies and waiting for a response. I just send as many as 50 pitch letters and only getting into wait for it…LIKE ONLY 10!!!! Not to mention picking the best looks that will get me noticed! As I get older I’m about comfortable wear for clothes and shoes…especially, I can’t mess up my feet with the 6 inch heels…I’ll pass!!! Once I do that it’s about mixing and matching. I think as a blogger you already know what’s going to pop in a photo! 
I think this season, I’m going back to my preppy side with some edgy and polished pieces. So stay tuned to what I’m going to be wearing for fashion week!!! 
See you next time!!! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png


Photos by: Eddie White 
H&M: Turtleneck 
Gap: Skirt 
Chinese Laundry: Knee High Boots
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Happy Wednesday!!!! Have you been in a moment where your mood has been set. That’s how I feel sometimes getting dressed. I go on my moods when putting on a outfit. It can be crazy sometimes but sometimes it can be a cool outcome. In this look it was centered around my pencil jean skirt. I really like to show my curves in a modest way not like, hey “I Have Curves”. It’s good to keep a little to the imagination.  
I’m very cautious about it, I could never go outside with tight clothing. It would totally make me self-conscious. Even though people out here trying to get butt implants. Sorry I had to go there!!!! I should totally embrace it. Let’s give up to my curves and not caring…right!?!?!
How do you show your curves? 
See you next time!?!?! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png