Target: Jeans
WHO WHAT WEAR: Floral Bomber Jacket
H&M: Embroidery Blouse 
Public Desire: Booties
NYS Collection: Sunnies
Hello All,
As you haven’t noticed I really love WHO WHAT WEAR, I think it’s just an universal brand. That captures for many different women regardless of their body shapes or sizes. I know for me, I have a big issue with finding that right jean…I’ll search and search for the perfect jean. Once, I find it I usually buy it if it’s within in my budget.
Again, don’t look or shy away from the WHO WHAT WEAR brand. I know I sound like an advertisement but I buy this brand believe in what it stands for. If I don’t use or wear something I’m not going to tell my followers or readers you need to get this brand if I don’t even wear or use it. That’s just silly…I go to target when I can’t find something to wear and 10 times at 10 I get the WHO WHAT WEAR brand. I know that it’s going to incorporate well into my wardrobe. It’s ideal for the ultimate working women that needs to add some spice to their closet.
Let me tell you, I’ve gone to work people ask me where did you get that top or skirt or pants…I’m like at Target and the brand is WHO WHAT WEAR….I really love this bomber jacket if you remember I wore it at NYFW. I was totally ready for spring! It’s such a cool print it can go with black slacks or boyfriend jeans. It’s definitely a hit in my closet! I tend to wear it on repeat..hehehe…It’s perfect for the spring weather when it’s a little windy outside!
Go shop WHO WHAT WEAR spring line by clicking the link here
See you next time!!!
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