TOBI X F.I.T.S on Me

Hello All, 

My experience with TOBI was such a good one! What I like i about this brand is that you can incorporate within your wardrobe. I’ve had many experiences where you want to work with a brand. I would actually buy a couple more items from tobi! Their brand is a lot about being sexy in a classy way. I don’t like showing to much skin. This Two of A kind Mid Dress  has so much options to wear this dress. I choose to wear this dress over pants with a bomber jacket. I love how easy this dress is it compliments my skin tone and it’s not too much! 

My next was this The Morgan Color Block Maxi Dress same thing love the color and how it compliments my skin tone. I loved how it such a flowy dress you can dress up or down. Wear a shirt underneath or no shirt, so many possibilities that you can play around with this dress! 

Last pick this Tuscan Nights Off the Shoulder Dress oh yeah it’s a dress but you can definitely wear it as a top or dress either way works fine! I choose to wear pants underneath to give it more of a laid back look. I actually didn’t think it would work but I think it did. I like how this dress is not too tight but has such a carefree appeal. 

I would say my experience with tobi has been a wonderful experience that I really would recommend buying from the TOBI brand. 
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Target: Dress 
TJ MAXX: Bombet Jacket 
Steve Madden: Booties 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
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I hope you enjoyed your weekend!!! I’m already ready for the weekend again!!!
If your girl and need that one shoe in life I would say the velvet booties are it!!! These booties really make me enjoy what I wear…I think honestly little things make me happy. Let’s say, I buy a choker and I wear it out at least a good 10 times cause I love it. You know!!! I like how this bootie can compliment pretty much anything in your wardrobe. You want to make your outfit pop get a pair of velvet booties!!!!
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