Mommy Makeover 
A couple of weeks ago, I did a mommy makeover on two of my college friends named Norma Rosario and Claudia Miranda. The makeover was about picking two looks from their closet, and to style the two looks that they could both incorporate into their busy schedule as mom’s on the go. Working with my college friends was a huge delight. I got to see them outside their element of being a mom. I’ve known both Norma Rosario and Claudia Miranda over 10 years. I think moments like this we connect and enjoy each other’s company. I hope to do another makeover with them either 2 to 3 outfits. 
Here’s some background on my friends: 
Norma Rosario is from the Dominican Republic she has an accounting consulting firm called Rosario Accounting Firm based in Baltimore, MD. She’s driven and continues to expand her business by helping small business. As a mom, she’s all about giving her kids stability and making sure they are taken care of. She has great style; I think it was about finding pieces that she could incorporate as an “On The Go Mom. 
Look# 1 
Her first look was a sporty chic look that she could go do errands, go out to eat, or just have a chill day. I think this look is super stylish and chic…I was so wearing this look! 

Look #2 
I found pieces that complimented each other. Sometimes you want to look stylish but how about not trying too hard. This look says it not too much but it’s paired together well. 

Claudia Miranda is from Guatemala she’s known for her fun energy and charismatic attitude. I know her as having many talents and she’s not afraid to try something new. Currently, she trying to get her license to become a Zumba instructor and will be starting a new class hopefully by summer 2019. As a mom, she’s patient, caring, and loving. Makes her kids as a priority and she’s her kids biggest cheerleader! Her style is more laid back but she knows how to be stylish and sexy at the same time. I don’t think she needs helps with her style, but finding the right clothing combination that will work for her as a mom on the go! 
Look #1 
She wore an opened back sweater with ripped jeans paired with the rose gold metallic sneaker. We had another outfit in mind, I think this look is better she spiced it up with the opened back sweater! 

Look# 2 
I wanted a look for spring so I picked the yellow blazer paired with high-waisted jeans with a chiffon top, and floral pumps all from her closet. 

Norma’s friend Yurima is a mother too. she has such a sweet spirit, energetic, and has great style. Although I didn’t style her she came to photo shoot ready to work. I love her style she knows how to dress up her style and dress down with her laid back sporty look. 
Look# 1 
Yurima picked a sporty chic look paired with leggings, fitted top, and sneakers. A good look to go out for errands or picking up your kids from school. 

Her second look was a sophisticated high-low top paired with jeans and pointy pumps. I really like this look it’s super chic, style, and comfy.  Can I borrow this look? lol

My friends and I had such an amazing time, that we went to another location in Baltimore. The mommy makeover was a success! I would definitely do another mommy makeover again! 
Which look did you like the best?

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