Hello All, 

My mindset right now is about being comfortable in my own skin. In me being comfortable, I feel fashion has helped me in achieving this comfort. 

Healthy kick is something that is a must. If I don’t have a healthy lifestyle I definitely won’t look good in my clothes. Being Healthy and fashionable is a mindset.  Healthy kicks are literally the new fashion. If your doing the new keto diet or the 10 day challenge then your with the new trend. If your not doing it people are looking at you like your crazy! 

We have sense to put on an image for others. Like for instance, people measure your wealth by the amount of money you have and what one can afford. But really only one who’s a celebrity can afford expensive things. Or should I say if you making over $100k you could afford expensive items. Who Wants to base their life on buying expensive things that are expensive. I go back to how you feel
comfortable makes you feel confident in one self. I rather continue to go shop in thirds store, target, hm, Zara clothing stores that I can afford. 
As you look at my outfit this look is what I can afford. I find reasonable items that look good and are inexpensive. You can still be put good look together on a budget and wear a statement look. I hope you enjoyed my conversation and send me a comment below let me hear the most expensive clothing you’ve ever bought. 
Fashion Love 


TOBI: Top 
H&M: Pants 
Zara: Shoes 
Sugarfix by target: Earrings 
Apar Designs: Bag