Series 1: Esp 2 Play With Your Shape…

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We are continuing our series 1: Episode 2: ‘play with your shape’

A series on the blog that no matter what shape you still can pick pieces that flatter your body shape. I am collaborating with plus-size blogger Toyin over at the curvy cookie. We both are different sizes but still have a pear shape body. Therefore, with a pear shape, you need to pick pieces that are not too tight but hug you in the right places.

Carlton Hart

Carlton Hart

We choose a tie-dyed maxi dress from fashionnova. I absolutely love this dress it’s super long and hugs both of our pear shapes. I have to say, this is a fun dress that can be dressed up by dressy heels or dressed down by wearing this dress with flats; there is so many possibilities when wearing this dress. In addition, it compliments both of our skin tones and the fun edgy print that you can be worn all summer long. When searching for different styles to add to your wardrobe.

Here are five tips when shopping for new looks:

1.      Ask the questions; will this work in my wardrobe and will I wear this item only once. If you said Yes and No then you are ready for a new piece in your closet!
2.      Can I wear this item in multiple ways or it will only work one way. I love to play around in my closet it makes wearing clothes so much more fun.
3.      Does this item flatter me? I know I have so many clothes in my wardrobe. I tend to buy the same things. I try to stay away from trends unless this trend is a timeless piece. It will never go out style no matter the era.
4.       You do not need to pick pieces that are on-trend because you want to be edgy and trendy. If they do not work with your style, it will not work in your wardrobe.
5.      Have fun picking pieces that add to your style and give your wardrobe an updated look!

Carlton Hart

Carlton Hart
As Toyin and I collaborate finding pieces that flatter both Toyin and I was an actual struggle. We both have different styles and tastes. I’m more conservative whereas Toyin is showier and that is fine. As a blogger, we are all different and express ourselves in different ways. I prefer dresses that our long and Toyin preferred dresses that were short. Therefore, we agreed to disagree. We finally picked this dress that we could agree on. This tie-dyed maxi dress from fashionnova. I absolutely love this dress. We both were able to find this dress in my size and her size, which can be frustrating. Especially, if you find a look that you agree upon which has both of our sizes. It is a win-win situation. For example, I found a piece from fashionnova that absolutely adore but they didn’t have Toyin’s size. It became so difficult at times to agree on a look that worked for both of us.

Carlton Hart

Photos by Carlton Hart 

We finally found this dress that worked on both our body types. Looking for a dress that’s universal can be a hard task. Fashionnova has styles that really do work for regular and plus-size body types. The way to shop this brand is to know your body type, pick a piece that will set your wardrobe apart, and have fun shopping!


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