Hello All,

Last day of NYFW, I got in a few more photos and video content. I love creating new content for my blog. New York Fashion Week was bigger than ever this year. There were about 13 emerging black designers which was a first for New York Fashion Week. The Fashions shows were all through out the city. It was stricter rules with mandatory vaccination required to attend any of show venues.

Runway shows were not about the details. Mostly about elegance and the everyday ready to wear right on the runway. You will find collections that we’re romantic, athleisure, pant suits, and elegant gowns.

I was amazed about the attendees outfits some attendees were in gowns like they are going to a Gala. Other attendees opting for comfort by wearing skirts with converse boots. I wore pieces that were dressy and still being fashionable. Every time, I will wear shoes that hurt my feet not realizing I will be walking a few blocks everywhere. Next year, I will definitely copy that lady who wore the skirt with converse boots for a more of a comfy look.

If you want to go new york fashion week get your schedule ready, and prepare looks by trying on your looks, and plan to go with a group or one friend who loves fashion. I planned and worked with one of my fashion friends to partner with to keep myself accountable in this fashion industry. Next year, I will come with the Fashion and team up with a few other fashion friends and collaborating with other fashion photographers!


See you next year NYFW!

Photos by Denton Taylor and Mauricio Jorquera 


Dress: Shein

Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Shein

Bag: Amazon

NYFW: Day 2

Hello All,

I am back and attending New York Fashion. I love going to fashion week it is place that i can be myself.


Every-time I attend I learn so much. What I have learned during this fashion week:

  1. Being around fashion minded people makes me get my fashion inspiration
  2. Fashion week never sleeps
  3. Plan your looks beside on how much your going to be walking. Wear flats as  much as possible.
  4. Take a break from Fashion week go eat with friends and enjoy all of what NYC has to offer.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated and drink a lots of water
  6. Have fun and get inspired

When I decided to come back to fashion week this year. I didn’t think it would be same due to the pandemic. Fashion week seems more strict with having vaccinated cards on hand. Ultimately, keeping everyone safe. I had such a good time meeting new people and hang out with old friends. New York Fashion Week is place to get your fashion inspiration but being in element that breathes fashion. Many individuals have different styles and aesthetics still they put together an outfit in their sleep.

I can’t wait for fashion week next year! Enjoy the photos from fashion week.

Photos by: Jonathan Paul 


Shein Top and Shein shoes: Shein

Skirt: H&M 

Bag: Amazon