Hello All,


Day 3 NYFW. I was able to relax and venture from the show. I was able to go to Williamsburg, NY. A more hip crowd for shopping at edgy vintage stores, you want to have a drink, or chill for an afternoon. Williamsburg is the place for some fun times.


This year was a bit different, I didn’t get into as many shows as I wanted to. I was a little bummed. I think that due to the covid many designers were limiting the capacity of attendees. I am hoping next season will be a little better. I attended the flying solo fashion show. Flying solo is collective brand of independent emerging designers that are upcoming in the fashion industry. The flying solo had five different shows with all different designers. During the shows, it was short collections that gave you a taste of what is to come for that particular designers. It kept you guessing what is next?!?!

The venue fell short in comparison of the collective designers. It was snowing that day for some models were carefully trying to get off the runway. As the runway was slippery and hazardous for the models that walk on the runway. I was pleasantly surprised that no models fell on the runway. As you know, the show must go on whether the weather permits snow or rain. I could say that my photos came out really cool with the snow effect. I was so cold and made sure I wore layers and thermal underneath my clothes. I refuse to be shriving at the fashion show.



Here are my photos from the fashion show:

my outfit for the show:

What I wore:

H&M: Beanie

Maniere De Voir: Jacket, Leather Pants, and Bag 

Ego Shoes: Boots 

Amazon: Sunglasses