Hello All

Before my show, I had a photo shoot with my photographer Johnathan Paul. My fashion friends were able to join me Bessem Ebott and Blandine Mua. Such a fun shoot that was colorful and we tried color coordinate to make our looks stand out!

After the photo shoot we had a fashion show New Leaper. New Leaper a US and China based company that focuses on product development, merchandising, and public relations. The Spring/Summer 2023 show consisted of designers such as Saint Fleur, SISIO, r.le., and WOOD HOUSE. Each collection had Chinese influence that was truly authentic.




My second Fashion show I attended was Son Jung Wan a Korean Designer that has been showing at New York Fashion for several years now. Her fashion show was Sophisticated and breathtaking collection. This runway show was inspired by a 70’s vibe with neon, pinks,  red & black stripes, feathers, and mini skirts. Some of the pieces were an ultimate party collection for either men and women.




Jacket, Top & Pants: H&M

Shoes & Purse: JW PEI

Hat: Fitsonme







Hello All,

Fashion Week is back. I honestly love fashion week.

We got off the train and quickly were rushing to show we had a 2pm. Of course us rushing we didn’t make the show for Jaer Caban. We ended up standing outside taking some photos and videos.

After that we ended walking around Nomad found this bakery that the smell caught our attention. The bakery was called the Dominique Ansel bakery Workshop. It was best bakery I have gone to in awhile. I order a Almond croissant and it was delicious.


After that we rushed for Adore Me gifting fitting. Where I got a bunch cool Adore Me products.


Rushed back to my hotel to get ready to go the David Antonio show at 6pm. This show was exquisite and timely pieces for a beachy looks for men or women. The elegance of line is based on the trips taken around the globe. I loved all the gowns they were voluminous gowns, skirts, and lace garments.


Day 1 was a success and I had a fun day!