Flying Solo NYFW S/S 24 Show

Today, we had the opportunity to attend the Flying Solo show for the S/S 24 season at Canoe Studios.

Flying Solo is a platform comprising rising fashion designers and brands from all over the world who are passionate about showing off their latest collections at NYFW. Seeing one designer after the other was wonderful, and viewing multiple styles and aesthetics from brands, such as Another Archive, Kalaqtic by Kaeden, Exit 85, and many more, was the most incredible experience.

Another Archive 

Kalaqtic by Kaeden

Many of the designer pieces were delicate, edgy, and futuristic. Most of the details could be worn casually, which is something I really admire. One collection in particular that stood out to me was 24/7 Anonym, with its avant-garde aesthetic, which included futuristic accessories like over-the-top headpieces and funky jewelry.

I noticed many emerging trends from these designers, such as cutouts, patterns, and accessories with different fabrics, such as tulle and ruffles. Also, many of the pieces featured an oversized and baggy silhouette, which looked very cool and edgy. For instance, I noticed an emphasis on the shoulders a few times, like boxy and pointy ones. Another trend I noticed among the designers is the color palette used, which was mainly minimal with black and white. Occasionally, I’d see pops of color, like neon green, but other than that, it was a mix of minimalism, which I thought was very interesting for the S/S 24 season, where I thought I’d see more colors.

Overall, Flying Solo was an exciting show to attend, where we noted the latest fashion trends from new and fresh faces!

Exit 85


Hello All,

New York Fashion Week has been interesting. This season, I wasn’t able to get into a lot of the shows. I spent weeks sending out pitch letters to ending up not getting into any of the shows. Which was so frustrating as I put a lot time and effort. Regardless, I still made the best of it. I went to a few shows Flying solo, KGL, and Dell Scott.

Fashion week was not as packed as it usually is from past seasons. It seemed because the designers are charging a fee to get into their fashion shows. It seems a lot of attendees are boycotting fashion week all together. It is frustrating as I have built a brand and I can’t even get one invite to a show. Guess what I still look fashionable and ready for a fashion show. I wore a H&M blazer, mesh top, bathing suit top paired with cream pants from Amazon and green heels from jwpei. So comfy and cute!

They say fashion is about individualism, but I’m starting to feel they want a certain look within their shows. I feel I don’t have the look that they want. Should I just leave fashion week because I don’t fit the mold.

We will see next season.

Fashion Love,


KGL NYFW S/S 24 Show

KGL, also known as Kanika Goyal Label, is a fashion brand that caters to the youthful and carefree generation. The designer, Kanika Goyal, is an Indian-based fashion designer who designs for those who crave self-expression and creativity. She inspires to normalize gender neutrality through her tailored and trending designs.

For the S/S 24 show at this season’s NYFW, KGL came out with a new collection named Aether Leak, which, according to the brand, “delves into the intriguing space between the tangible and the intangible, where the concepts of the infinite, otherworldly dimensions converge with the earthly transitions. Envision a cosmic dance-off where the familiar mingles with the mystical. The collection draws its creative impetus from the interplay of light and shadow, the hazy realms of the unknown, and the transcendental link between gods and mortals.”

Aether Leak consisted of many youthful designs, such as denim looks, blazers, suits, dresses, and much more. The color palette of this collection had seamless transitions from earth tones, muted hues, bright and neon, to neutrals. This collection also featured motifs like flowers, spots, and even sceneries like clouds. In addition, the designer included many prints in this season’s line, such as checkered plaids and stripes, while combining them with neutral and cool looks.

The brand fulfilled its purpose of designing for gender neutrality as both men and women came down the runway in her designs, where women were wearing oversized suits from head to toe, while men were seen showing their skin with opened blazers. Also, KGL’s collections are usually based on the current Zeitgeist, so this season’s collection was very relaxed and modern and lived up to the standards of Generation Z.

Therefore, KGL was a success for this season’s NYFW, and I look forward to what they bring for future seasons.

Straight from the runway, a video from the KGL Fashion Show:


Aknvas is a Danish-based fashion brand by founder Christian Juul Nielsen that focuses on original and wearable designs for modern women. Simply put, the brand has stated that they design “from desk to dinner.”

For the S/S 24 show at this season’s NYFW, the brand didn’t disappoint as they struck again with their innovative designs with their collection named “The Storyteller.” According to Aknvas, The Storyteller takes inspiration from the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish-based writer.

‘The Storyteller’ consisted of both womenswear and menswear, where the designer played around with draping to tell his story. This collection featured gowns, dresses, blouses, and two-piece sets. I mainly noticed the striped button-ups styled differently for the womenswear and menswear. The women had their striped button-ups draped into a gown/dress, while the men wore their striped button-ups dressed down as casual wear. The collection also included metallic, lace, leather, and sequins in this collection. The color palette was mainly neutrals, like black and white, but would consist of bright colors and pastels from time to time, such as neon, pink, and purple.

One detail I admire from this collection is the flowers coming from everyone’s shoes. Each model that walked the runway came out with ribbons shaped like flowers above their toes, which was a beautiful detail. One look that stood out was this big light-blue ball gown, which featured beautiful, well-done draping.

Overall, Aknvas successfully served its purpose this season by designing for modern women and incorporating gender-neutral looks into the collection. I look forward to what they have in store for future NYFW seasons.

Dell Scott NYFW S/S 24 Show

For the S/S 24 season, we had the opportunity to attend the Dell Scott NYFW show.

Dell Scott is a rising international fashion designer who aspires to make women feel powerful and confident. Her designs have reached the runways of New York City, Dubai, LA, and Paris.

Scott successfully served her purpose of empowering young women through her collection this season. Her line mainly consisted of gowns with a few casual attire looks while incorporating lace, ruffles, and floral prints into her designs. Some of her looks had chiffon lace as flowers sewn on the shoulder or waist in various sizes and colors. In the end, the last model came out in a black gown with multiple blossoms that could be seen across her shoulders and chest.

One detail that caught my attention was Scott’s use of accessories. Throughout the show, I noticed the models wore this gold wire as a stunning hair tie styled into variations of ponytails. Then, the very last model had this same gold wire but styled like a headband with her hair down. I thought this was a powerful use of hair accessories since Scott saved the last model from having a different look than the others. It almost looked like a crown at the end, which displays Scott’s goal of making women feel like queens.

Overall, Dell Scott was successful in delivering her authentic message and serving her purpose. Scott went beyond telling a story through the fashion but also utilizing hair, jewelry, and accessories to show off what she is all about.




Son Jung Wan S/S 24 NYFW Show

Today, we had the pleasure again of seeing the latest spring 2024 collection of designer Son Jungwan at Spring Studios for NYFW.

Son Jung Wan is a rising fashion designer from South Korea whose clothes have been seen on the NYFW runway for the past few years. She continues to grow domestically and internationally as she gains popularity and makes a name for herself in the fashion world.

The pieces from Son Jung Wan’s collection this season are a combination of classy and chic. The collection mainly consisted of floral prints, sequins, lace, and tulle. Son Jung Wan also incorporated womenswear and menswear into her collection, as both female and male models walked down the runway in her pieces, making her designs available for anyone to wear. Her collection consisted of both casual and formal wear, such as evening gowns, A-line dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, and much more.

In terms of color, the designer started with pastel colors of pink and green, which then transitioned to white and black for a minimal aesthetic, and ended with bold statement colors, like red and purple. The silhouettes of her designs varied from one shoulder to mermaid, with fun plays of fabric on the back and shoulders.

Overall, Son Jung Wan proves once again to be an inspiring individual who can design for both women and men. Her collection this season had a seamless transition between colors, textures, and styles that she incorporated into her designs. I’m looking forward to what she has in store for future seasons!

Straight from the runway is the Son Jung Wan Fashion Show: