Aknvas is a Danish-based fashion brand by founder Christian Juul Nielsen that focuses on original and wearable designs for modern women. Simply put, the brand has stated that they design “from desk to dinner.”

For the S/S 24 show at this season’s NYFW, the brand didn’t disappoint as they struck again with their innovative designs with their collection named “The Storyteller.” According to Aknvas, The Storyteller takes inspiration from the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish-based writer.

‘The Storyteller’ consisted of both womenswear and menswear, where the designer played around with draping to tell his story. This collection featured gowns, dresses, blouses, and two-piece sets. I mainly noticed the striped button-ups styled differently for the womenswear and menswear. The women had their striped button-ups draped into a gown/dress, while the men wore their striped button-ups dressed down as casual wear. The collection also included metallic, lace, leather, and sequins in this collection. The color palette was mainly neutrals, like black and white, but would consist of bright colors and pastels from time to time, such as neon, pink, and purple.

One detail I admire from this collection is the flowers coming from everyone’s shoes. Each model that walked the runway came out with ribbons shaped like flowers above their toes, which was a beautiful detail. One look that stood out was this big light-blue ball gown, which featured beautiful, well-done draping.

Overall, Aknvas successfully served its purpose this season by designing for modern women and incorporating gender-neutral looks into the collection. I look forward to what they have in store for future NYFW seasons.

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