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Before my show, I had a photo shoot with my photographer Johnathan Paul. My fashion friends were able to join me Bessem Ebott and Blandine Mua. Such a fun shoot that was colorful and we tried color coordinate to make our looks stand out!

After the photo shoot we had a fashion show New Leaper. New Leaper a US and China based company that focuses on product development, merchandising, and public relations. The Spring/Summer 2023 show consisted of designers such as Saint Fleur, SISIO, r.le., and WOOD HOUSE. Each collection had Chinese influence that was truly authentic.




My second Fashion show I attended was Son Jung Wan a Korean Designer that has been showing at New York Fashion for several years now. Her fashion show was Sophisticated and breathtaking collection. This runway show was inspired by a 70’s vibe with neon, pinks,  red & black stripes, feathers, and mini skirts. Some of the pieces were an ultimate party collection for either men and women.




Jacket, Top & Pants: H&M

Shoes & Purse: JW PEI

Hat: Fitsonme







Hello All,

Fashion Week is back. I honestly love fashion week.

We got off the train and quickly were rushing to show we had a 2pm. Of course us rushing we didn’t make the show for Jaer Caban. We ended up standing outside taking some photos and videos.

After that we ended walking around Nomad found this bakery that the smell caught our attention. The bakery was called the Dominique Ansel bakery Workshop. It was best bakery I have gone to in awhile. I order a Almond croissant and it was delicious.


After that we rushed for Adore Me gifting fitting. Where I got a bunch cool Adore Me products.


Rushed back to my hotel to get ready to go the David Antonio show at 6pm. This show was exquisite and timely pieces for a beachy looks for men or women. The elegance of line is based on the trips taken around the globe. I loved all the gowns they were voluminous gowns, skirts, and lace garments.


Day 1 was a success and I had a fun day!


Hello All,


Day 3 NYFW. I was able to relax and venture from the show. I was able to go to Williamsburg, NY. A more hip crowd for shopping at edgy vintage stores, you want to have a drink, or chill for an afternoon. Williamsburg is the place for some fun times.


This year was a bit different, I didn’t get into as many shows as I wanted to. I was a little bummed. I think that due to the covid many designers were limiting the capacity of attendees. I am hoping next season will be a little better. I attended the flying solo fashion show. Flying solo is collective brand of independent emerging designers that are upcoming in the fashion industry. The flying solo had five different shows with all different designers. During the shows, it was short collections that gave you a taste of what is to come for that particular designers. It kept you guessing what is next?!?!

The venue fell short in comparison of the collective designers. It was snowing that day for some models were carefully trying to get off the runway. As the runway was slippery and hazardous for the models that walk on the runway. I was pleasantly surprised that no models fell on the runway. As you know, the show must go on whether the weather permits snow or rain. I could say that my photos came out really cool with the snow effect. I was so cold and made sure I wore layers and thermal underneath my clothes. I refuse to be shriving at the fashion show.



Here are my photos from the fashion show:

my outfit for the show:

What I wore:

H&M: Beanie

Maniere De Voir: Jacket, Leather Pants, and Bag 

Ego Shoes: Boots 

Amazon: Sunglasses


Hello All,


Day 2 of NYFW. I had a blast. the weather was warm for the first few days. It definitely felt like spring but it went back to winter on Sunday and Monday. Back to the fashion shows, I went to the Tiffany Brown show a luxury clothing brand. Her collection was reinvented with items that were more edgy and sexier. Which you can appreciate for the more edgy women. It definitely was a signature brown collection that had all the brown hues you need in your wardrobe. On the runway, you can find chocolate brown, mustard, burnt orange, gold, rust, fur sash, and elegant gowns. Overall, the collection was simple and elegant pieces from leather, matte fabric to the perfect styling pieces. Honestly, I think I could been one of models as my outfit complimented her collection! lol

Tiffany Brown Designs Fall 2022 Fashion Show | The Impression

L'Officiel Mexico - Fashion - TopFash

Credit: TopFash

Tiffany Brown Designs Fall 2022 Fashion Show Backstage Fashion Show | The Impression

Tiffany Brown Designs Fall 2022 Fashion Show Backstage Fashion Show | The Impression

May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

May be an image of 1 person, standing and footwear

Credit: theimpression.com

Me at the fashion show:




Missguided: Jacket

Pretty Little Things: Leather Blazer and Pants

Ego: Boots 

Amazon: Hat

JW Lei: Bag 




Hello All,

Last day of NYFW, I got in a few more photos and video content. I love creating new content for my blog. New York Fashion Week was bigger than ever this year. There were about 13 emerging black designers which was a first for New York Fashion Week. The Fashions shows were all through out the city. It was stricter rules with mandatory vaccination required to attend any of show venues.

Runway shows were not about the details. Mostly about elegance and the everyday ready to wear right on the runway. You will find collections that we’re romantic, athleisure, pant suits, and elegant gowns.

I was amazed about the attendees outfits some attendees were in gowns like they are going to a Gala. Other attendees opting for comfort by wearing skirts with converse boots. I wore pieces that were dressy and still being fashionable. Every time, I will wear shoes that hurt my feet not realizing I will be walking a few blocks everywhere. Next year, I will definitely copy that lady who wore the skirt with converse boots for a more of a comfy look.

If you want to go new york fashion week get your schedule ready, and prepare looks by trying on your looks, and plan to go with a group or one friend who loves fashion. I planned and worked with one of my fashion friends to partner with to keep myself accountable in this fashion industry. Next year, I will come with the Fashion and team up with a few other fashion friends and collaborating with other fashion photographers!


See you next year NYFW!

Photos by Denton Taylor and Mauricio Jorquera 


Dress: Shein

Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Shein

Bag: Amazon

NYFW: Day 2

Hello All,

I am back and attending New York Fashion. I love going to fashion week it is place that i can be myself.


Every-time I attend I learn so much. What I have learned during this fashion week:

  1. Being around fashion minded people makes me get my fashion inspiration
  2. Fashion week never sleeps
  3. Plan your looks beside on how much your going to be walking. Wear flats as  much as possible.
  4. Take a break from Fashion week go eat with friends and enjoy all of what NYC has to offer.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated and drink a lots of water
  6. Have fun and get inspired

When I decided to come back to fashion week this year. I didn’t think it would be same due to the pandemic. Fashion week seems more strict with having vaccinated cards on hand. Ultimately, keeping everyone safe. I had such a good time meeting new people and hang out with old friends. New York Fashion Week is place to get your fashion inspiration but being in element that breathes fashion. Many individuals have different styles and aesthetics still they put together an outfit in their sleep.

I can’t wait for fashion week next year! Enjoy the photos from fashion week.

Photos by: Jonathan Paul 


Shein Top and Shein shoes: Shein

Skirt: H&M 

Bag: Amazon 

Matchy Matchy by WHO WHAT WEAR….

Hello All,


The Matchy Matchy look is here to stay! A color uniform can convey a clear message that you want a symmetric color pattern. As I wear my look from Who What Wear a floral blouse and pumps, I can say I am conveying that I want a look that is paired well  together.  And that is in a nut shell the way I put my looks together. Before hand, I will put a look together the night before and I have even gotten better the day of I can whip up a complete look. A head of time, I will think about the color pallette and the colors that will be paired in the same color family.  I will study my looks and have purchased a family color wheel that has helped me through my fashion career. I knew that i wanted to wear jeans so i opted for black jeans. As we all know black literally goes with anything but black to me is more chic.

A recurring theme on this blog has been the matchy matchy look. You can definitely organize your closet with similar color palettes. This will make your life so much easier and effortless in getting ready. It can be a hassle thinking of new looks that are different but with the matchy matchy look you can try without trying. It is the best way to update your wardrobe too!


I have heard alot of people saying, “Just don’t wear anything”. This statement is so true. Make your outfits standout by putting more of an effort in your outfit choices. Trust me people will notice and want to find out the secrets. You can tell them fitsonme has a formula for the matchy matchy look that actually works for anyone’s wardrobe!

How would you wear this matchy-matchy look? 

Photos by: Carlton Hart 


Who What Wear by Target: floral blouse and pumps

Fashionnova: Ripped Jeans

Vintage: Hairband

Sugarfix by Baublebar: Earrings




Hello All,

We are back at again with fitsonme X the curvy cookie collaboration. the curvy cookie and I are always searching for looks for the season. We saw many looks on Fashionnova but were so happy with this look.


A sweater dress is a must-have in your closet. These are five reason you need a sweater dress in your wardrobe:

1.      Versatile-You can pair it with short or long boots. It is such a confrontable piece that you can worn in so many ways. I decided to wear this sweater dress from fashionnova with some jessica simpson color blocking snake boots.
2.      Comfortable-This sweater dress is so comfrontable and on repeat!

3.      Keeps you warm-Since it has gotten a bit colder a sweater dress will definitely keep you warm. I like that the sweater dress is made out of sweater material which super stylish at the same time keeps you warm.  That is a winner!

4.      Works with any body type- A sweater dress is a must-have. Depending on your body type, you can find a sweater dress that hugs your hips or more of a loose fit. On the other hand, you can find a sweater dress that zips up, buttons up in the front, or it can have built in sweater belt. Regardless, you will find a sweater dress in many styles and trends.

5.      Seasonal Item-The sweater dress you can wear it in the fall season and into the winter season. You can add maybe a shirt underneath or keep the cardigan that is paired with this look. I like the fact you do not have to find a cardigan it has a matching cardigan that works well with this sweater tube dress. I love it!

How about you go to Fashionnova and find you a sweater dress that works for your body type. Not only that you will be stylish during this winter season!


Fashionnova: Sweater Dress Set

Jessica Simpson: Boots

H&M: Hat