Hello all,
I received my Bootaybag in the mail. Let me tell you I was really impressed by this brand. Bootaybag Community is changing and helping women with the ultimate goal by loving their underwear. Not to get all deep about my underwear, I’m all about wearing underwear that makes me feel good! You literally have a good day when putting on good pair of underwear. I really love the black one it’s super sexy..yess I said it’s super sexy! The lace material they use is not super itching but who wants wear uncomfortable underwear. I’m really love it!!!
And Bootaybag is exceptional for choosing the right underwear that works for you! Not only that Bootaybag gives back with every one dollar proceed donated will go to Melanoma Foundation!
 An added Bonus you can shop Bootaybag on a monthly basis for $12 dollars a month and free shipping with your choice of 2 pairs of underwear!
So if your a women get on the  Bootaybag movement by checking out Bootaybag and the women that enjoy their underwear by clicking hashtag #undermatters!
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