Happy Friday! I found a great brand of jewelry called Brillant Earth. The story of how Brilliant Earth evolved was brilliant just like their name. Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg Stanford University graduates, turned entrepreneurs started Brilliant Earth. As Beth was challenged of finding the perfect engagement ring which was ethical diamond. Beth by her own experience collaborated with Eric to establish a brand jewelry that was ethical, had quality, and safe.

Brilliant Earth is all about catering to what occasion whether it’s wedding ring, jewelry, or gift you’ll find fine pure ethical jewelry! Even for myself, don’t call me crazy I was browsing the wedding rings and their quite reasonable… Brilliant Earth is about commitment of change “exceptional jewelry that our customers can feel good about wearing”.  Each jewelry is environmental safe & quality packaged jewelry designs. This company is about giving back to the community by working together with advocacy groups to promote conflict of diamonds and environmental concerns.

Brilliant Earth has changed my perception of picking a diamond that I can feel good about wearing!?!? Today, April 25th Brilliant Earth launches their jewelry line. Try Brilliant Earth by picking out your fine jewelry on their website!

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