Dell Scott NYFW S/S 24 Show

For the S/S 24 season, we had the opportunity to attend the Dell Scott NYFW show.

Dell Scott is a rising international fashion designer who aspires to make women feel powerful and confident. Her designs have reached the runways of New York City, Dubai, LA, and Paris.

Scott successfully served her purpose of empowering young women through her collection this season. Her line mainly consisted of gowns with a few casual attire looks while incorporating lace, ruffles, and floral prints into her designs. Some of her looks had chiffon lace as flowers sewn on the shoulder or waist in various sizes and colors. In the end, the last model came out in a black gown with multiple blossoms that could be seen across her shoulders and chest.

One detail that caught my attention was Scott’s use of accessories. Throughout the show, I noticed the models wore this gold wire as a stunning hair tie styled into variations of ponytails. Then, the very last model had this same gold wire but styled like a headband with her hair down. I thought this was a powerful use of hair accessories since Scott saved the last model from having a different look than the others. It almost looked like a crown at the end, which displays Scott’s goal of making women feel like queens.

Overall, Dell Scott was successful in delivering her authentic message and serving her purpose. Scott went beyond telling a story through the fashion but also utilizing hair, jewelry, and accessories to show off what she is all about.




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