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Fashionnova continues to build a brand that caters to women with all body shapes. As you go on the site, you’ll find a variety of styles and trends that work for your wardrobe. You want to remember do not be the trend wear the trend as if it was part of your style. I know this can be a difficult task. We see a style on fashionnova and think oh this will work with my style.

Here are five tips: When shopping on fashionnova;

Carlton Hart
1.      Compliments your shape- When shopping on fashionnova  look for styles similar to looks you usually would wear. I look good in dresses because of my pear shape. I picked this striped dress because it would fit and it goes with my style. I tend to pick dresses because they work with my body type.
2.      Pick the right size- I usually always go a size up when picking online shopping. With fashionnova I have had the best time with picking styles and that the style actually fits right. I looked at the product details to determine what fit will work for me. If it has no zipper, I will go with a size medium in dresses. On the other hand, if there is a zipper I will choose a size large so the dress is not too snug. That is where shopping on fashionnova you need to shop smart to avoid returning your items.

Carlton Hart
3.      Compliments with your brand-I want to shop fn with picking styles that compliment my brand. I want styles and looks that are not too showy. So when shopping on fn I pick items that are more covered that compliments my style. I tend to do this to stay true to style and myself.

Carlton Hart
4.      Add to your wardrobe and style-Now if you go with the brand but if it goes with your wardrobe and style that is an absolute plus! If I can wear this in a shoot cool and if I can wear this many times and many ways. Then this looks will work. That is what I love about fashionova they have styles that work with your ascetics.Fashionnova is the ultimate place to cater to everyone’s needs.

Carlton Hart
5.      Have fun shopping and if it does not fit. Return it and pick another style.
As I took my five tips to good use. Shopping on fashionnova was a piece of cake! I found this fun and edgy salsa dress. The perfect fit works with my body type. I was contemplating whether to get a medium or large and I decided to get large. I was right to get size up because this dress had a zipper. I did not want anything short so the asymmetric high low dress is the right length for my brand. Now, I can wear this dress so many ways all through summer into fall by pairing this dress with some falls boots. Definitely, check out how I will style for fall!

Carlton Hart

Photo by:Carlton Hart 

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