Flying Solo NYFW S/S 24 Show

Today, we had the opportunity to attend the Flying Solo show for the S/S 24 season at Canoe Studios.

Flying Solo is a platform comprising rising fashion designers and brands from all over the world who are passionate about showing off their latest collections at NYFW. Seeing one designer after the other was wonderful, and viewing multiple styles and aesthetics from brands, such as Another Archive, Kalaqtic by Kaeden, Exit 85, and many more, was the most incredible experience.

Another Archive 

Kalaqtic by Kaeden

Many of the designer pieces were delicate, edgy, and futuristic. Most of the details could be worn casually, which is something I really admire. One collection in particular that stood out to me was 24/7 Anonym, with its avant-garde aesthetic, which included futuristic accessories like over-the-top headpieces and funky jewelry.

I noticed many emerging trends from these designers, such as cutouts, patterns, and accessories with different fabrics, such as tulle and ruffles. Also, many of the pieces featured an oversized and baggy silhouette, which looked very cool and edgy. For instance, I noticed an emphasis on the shoulders a few times, like boxy and pointy ones. Another trend I noticed among the designers is the color palette used, which was mainly minimal with black and white. Occasionally, I’d see pops of color, like neon green, but other than that, it was a mix of minimalism, which I thought was very interesting for the S/S 24 season, where I thought I’d see more colors.

Overall, Flying Solo was an exciting show to attend, where we noted the latest fashion trends from new and fresh faces!

Exit 85

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