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Happy Monday! I got the pleasure of interviewing Kim Clark from Vanchic and has an established youtube channel over at Vanchic Organization.

Her expertise is worth watching tune in weekly with the latest trends by getting organized, must-haves, and giveaways! These are some question that Kim answered with some tips to better organize my closet: 

1. Now what advice can you give me of 10 ways to organize my closet or space? 
A. Buy matching hangers. It allows the visibility to view clothes hanging at one level appearing unison and linear. Trash those wire hangers from the dry cleaner…they are free for a reason!
B. Categorize! Put ‘like with like’ and ‘type with type’. Put all cereals with each other, every shoe paired together, hair products are in one section, every sock in one sock drawer…categorizing defines a belonging hub for every item. 

C. Never have more than 3 objects on a flat surface counter-top. Organization is about balance, symmetry and visibility. But too many papers, trinkets, products and decor all on one surface is not chic.

D. File, not pile. Scan papers, cards and bills on a computer.  Paperless sleek homes are clutter-free and calendar savvy. Keep high-traffic areas (like the kitchen counter, home office and family room) the neatest.

E. The recycle method is the best way to go. Buy two new shirts, throw two old ratty ones away. Purchase one new magazine, throw an old one away.

F. Pick everything up off the floor. Having closet items sit on the floor adds bulk and stubs the foundation square footage; it completely shortens the height of the space.  Think upwards and think tall. Try to utilize new storage techniques such as ceiling storage, pull down swing rods, hanging curios, ceiling toy hammocks and corner shelving.

G. All “things” must have a belonging zone and place. If the hairbrush sits on the middle shelf in the bathroom cabinet then, put it back in the same spot when you are done using it.

H. The forefront section of a closet (aka the garments easiest to reach like top drawers or front hanging rod section) should only have non-comfy clothes. Because if you only put flip flops, Uggs, sweatshirts and t-shirts in the easiest-to-reach places then you’ll only want to wear those easy clothes. A real fashionista should want to pick through fancier innovative outfit mixes. It will influence you to reconnect with your daily fashion identity instead of getting too comfy in daily Uggs.

I. Mirrors make a closet look bigger and illuminates light. 

J. Tackle the big to-do’s list tasks first. Get the harder grind work out of the way because it will inspire you to organize the rest of your home and get projects done quicker.

2. Do you make a list of inventory in your wardrobe? How do you achieve this?
I don’t believe in making crazy lists, being strict OCD, hyper sharpie labeling things and writing everything down. It is too unrealistic, nobody has time for that. It reminds me of counting calories…you’ll track a food diary for a few days and then it becomes tedious. What I mean by ‘taking a closet inventory’ before organizing is getting to know what you already have. Shop your own garments first before hitting the stores. Take inventory of each category. Know the ball park numbers of quantity. I own 7 pairs of jeans, 20 socks, 15 black blouses, 9 tank tops…Once you have a mental inventory, think about staple items you are missing…like nude underwear, leggings, statement necklace and a blazer. Doing this prevents from buying duplicates or unneeded items. 

3. Some people say that the reason of clutter is, we like to hold onto things we don’t need, do you throw or give stuff to goodwill/salvation army? (i.e exchanging your clothes by going to clothing swaps events!)

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