Photograher: Carlton Hart 
Vintage: Buttoned-up Top 
Target: Pumps 
Hello Happy Wednesday! As you get older you definitely find yourself. I was at a point where, I had to perm my hair everywhere 2 months I wanted my hair to be straight. So, I went to a photo shoot a couple of years ago, how they styled my hair made me feel comfortable with having a natural look. Really, it’s really yourself and how how you want to look to the world. I’ve come to terms that my hair is not naturally straight its a Afro. I’m oh ok with that. Theirs no need to please what others think of you. I’ve come to a point where I’m just me. I did this shoot in NYC during Fashion Week with my photograph Carlton Hart. It was perfect because I didn’t know this place had all white interior. I was able to bring all white. It worked out, I usually don’t do shoots where I feel vulnerable. I decide to show a little skin or somewhat. I think the point was to be myself with just a little make-up and not a lot of accessories. To be bare with my fashion, I liked the simplicity of this shoot. I’m not really a model I don’t have a model body. I was like let me do my thang. 
What do you think? 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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