Photos taken by: Jeff Beal
StyleScan: Sweater 
Vintage: Hat 
TJMAXX: Oxford 
Revlon: Eye & Lip Make-up
Hello Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having good week! Have you ever felt like jumping for excitement because you loved your outfit?
Well I was happy when I put on this Jessica Simpson dress, cheetah sweater, and oxford flats….it made me JUMP!  
I decided to wear my cheetah sweater over top my summer dress, it was extremely cold outside…it give me a more of a fall look. I like the fact that this outfit screams causal, but you can still look cute going out for errands, a movie date, and walking in the park…
Regardless you’ll look fashionable all the way. Wear things that make you happy and jump up and down!!!!..everyone we’ll see a well put together look! 
See you next time! 
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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