Hello All,

New York Fashion Week has been interesting. This season, I wasn’t able to get into a lot of the shows. I spent weeks sending out pitch letters to ending up not getting into any of the shows. Which was so frustrating as I put a lot time and effort. Regardless, I still made the best of it. I went to a few shows Flying solo, KGL, and Dell Scott.

Fashion week was not as packed as it usually is from past seasons. It seemed because the designers are charging a fee to get into their fashion shows. It seems a lot of attendees are boycotting fashion week all together. It is frustrating as I have built a brand and I can’t even get one invite to a show. Guess what I still look fashionable and ready for a fashion show. I wore a H&M blazer, mesh top, bathing suit top paired with cream pants from Amazon and green heels from jwpei. So comfy and cute!

They say fashion is about individualism, but I’m starting to feel they want a certain look within their shows. I feel I don’t have the look that they want. Should I just leave fashion week because I don’t fit the mold.

We will see next season.

Fashion Love,


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