Hello All

Before my show, I had a photo shoot with my photographer Johnathan Paul. My fashion friends were able to join me Bessem Ebott and Blandine Mua. Such a fun shoot that was colorful and we tried color coordinate to make our looks stand out!

After the photo shoot we had a fashion show New Leaper. New Leaper a US and China based company that focuses on product development, merchandising, and public relations. The Spring/Summer 2023 show consisted of designers such as Saint Fleur, SISIO, r.le., and WOOD HOUSE. Each collection had Chinese influence that was truly authentic.




My second Fashion show I attended was Son Jung Wan a Korean Designer that has been showing at New York Fashion for several years now. Her fashion show was Sophisticated and breathtaking collection. This runway show was inspired by a 70’s vibe with neon, pinks,  red & black stripes, feathers, and mini skirts. Some of the pieces were an ultimate party collection for either men and women.




Jacket, Top & Pants: H&M

Shoes & Purse: JW PEI

Hat: Fitsonme






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