NYFW: Day 4

Fast forward to day four looks at New York Fashion Week. 

This is the last day of NYFW week for me! I had a blast and really enjoyed my time.
 I have been to NYFW before and this time around was different for me. I wasn’t focused on trying to attend every single show. Learning from last year, I decided to take in everything around me instead of rushing everything. I wanted to enjoy people’s company and the moments. 

One thing that is a must for me, and I am sure most people that Fashion Week, are capturing photos. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my photos from the actual shows. On this blog post, I wanted to focus more on what I wore. I decided to something comfortable yet chic. Let me guess, your first thought was “wonder what heels she wore!” Nope, not this gal. As cute as heels are, they are not for New York. Fashion Week and New York in general call for lots of walking and I wanted to be sure I stayed looking fab all day. Therefore, I did myself a favor and went with these sandals. The pop of color led me to stand out while the funky sleeves on my top, added more fun!  

 Until next year!

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