Photos by: Carlton Hart 
Kmart: Top & Pencil Skirt 
Vintage: Jean Jacket 
Doll Kills: Clear Blue Booties 
NYS Collection: Sunnies 
Revlon: Purple Pencil  
Hello Happy Thursday! Do you feel like sometimes you need to reinvent your style? I got this cool matchy-matchy peplum top and pencil skirt at Kmart…Yes Kmart! I wanted to wear this look for a long time but didn’t have the right shoes to go with this look…. I think we underestimate the things we can find in reasonable price stores. I’m all about a bargain this look cost me under $40. What I’ve learned when reinventing your style don’t try to hard. I would actually wear this look. All I changed were the shoes. I’m telling you the shoes really make an outfit. If I decided to wear black shoes this look would look completely different. I’m glad I paired this look with my doll kills clear blue booties which I got for $58. I feel I can wear these shoes with anything. Clear booties are in because you can practically wear any shade except brown unless it’s tan or camel…that’s the only exception. 
So here’s to reinventing yourself!!!! 
See you next time!!!!
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