Hello Happy Monday! I had a chance to collaborate with fashion blogger Amanda over at Done N Done.

Who doesn’t love the show Pretty Little Lairs?!?! We’ll Amanda and I decided to swap styles from the main characters of Pretty Little Liars. I love how each character has their own style which can relate to their personalities. She choose Aria Montgomery which works perfectly with Amanda’s aesthetics go check out her PPL Blogger Style post at Done N Done. I went for Spencer Hastings style she has such a preppy yet edgy conservative look! Spencer loves rocking menswear inspired ensembles. Let’s no forget, she adds a twist of vintage dresses by pairing her looks with lace tights and leather oxfords. I wanted to go for a natural mix of  masculine and feminine look. I took a men’s blazer jacket and matched it with knee high boots. Sticking with neutral colors by pulling the look together with mustard sweater and buttoned-up top. So anyone can dress like Spencer Hasting with keeping your looks classy yet conservative?!?!

 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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