Calvin Klein: Jumpsuit 
Zara: Cape 
Shoemint: Shoes 
H&M: Clutch 
NYS Collection: Sunnies  
NYX Cosmetics: Lip color 
Hello Happy Thursday, It’s been hard for me to find that perfect jumpsuit. You have to keep these 3 things in mind, when finding that perfect jumpsuit:
#1 FIT: I’m all about wearing what flatters you. I think it’s important to wear a jumpsuit that’s not too tight. You have some room to breathe. I’ve worn a jean jumpsuit, I felt like I was going to bust out of the jumpsuit…the minute I stepped out of my house. Always wear what fits you! or F.IT.S on ME!!! Hehehe! 
#2 PATTERN: I like a nice pattern that can be complimented with a blazer, jean jacket, or like me a cape that fits perfectly over this jumpsuit. Its all about pairing it with pieces that can be worn many different ways!!!! 
#3 FABRIC: I need fabric that stretches, this jumpsuit is the most comfortable due to the fabric. I literally can wear this jumpsuit everyday. It makes me feel good when I wear it to work or even happy hour!!!!!
So now buy your jumpsuit using this method…you will sure love wearing your jumpsuit all day long!!!!…well except when you have to go to the bathroom…hehehehe!!!!
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