Hello Happy Monday! Before, I wasn’t really into make-up, I would often wear none. When your not use to wearing make-up , I would advise not putting a whole lot… may definitely feel weird. In gradually getting into wearing make-up, I really have fun wearing lip color and blush bronzer. What makes a woman beautiful is when she bares her face by wearing less make-up! For me, I’m all about the natural minimal looking make-up. Ultimately, you want people to think that you didn’t try too hard. 
Today’s post is all about “How to Wear….Purple Lip” with a tutorial on putting on Revlon ColorBurst Crayon Lip:
1. Start with a Bare lip and putting on foundation over your face. Add concealer to the lip that matches your skin tone, this helps with your lip color lasting all day. 
3.  Using the Revlon ColorBurst, you want to line your lips with the lipstick itself, before applying it all over the lips. Alternatively, you could use a matching lip liner. Since we are using the same lipstick to fill in the lips, there’s no need to be exact.
4.  Keep repeating the process until you get to the desired level of purple. Next finish up your look with Bronzer blush and Mascara  for a simple natural look.
Have fun with wearing purple lip!!!!
Try A Similar Look:
 photo blog_zps1b65d0f9.png

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    Great Post! Hope too see you Saturday at BLVDOFCHIC <3 xo


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