Photos by: Melton Findley
H&M: Jacket 
Target: Button-up 
Gap: Pants 
Converse: Shoes 
Glasses: Unknown
Happy Wednesday! I know it’s been so long since my last post. A much needed break, it gave me some direction for my blog. Sometimes I don’t feel any inspiration to write. I don’t want to be a robot…seriously!?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging but it should be more than what it seems. I want to add more of my creativity side to the blog. So stay tuned…oh yeah and I’m back!?!?
 Yeah, it’s fashionable to wear a top and a pair of pants of the same print in one look. Old school, right!?!?
 I remember when my mom would dress my sisters and I….in a matching pastel sweat suit. I guess my childhood repeats itself. When having a difficult time finding that perfect look my go-to is the matchy-matchy trend. I decided to go for a comfy look playing with all my blues that compliment one another. It’s essential to play with your colors especially if you’re afraid of bold prints, neons, or floral…stay with what you know.Wearing all one color can be sophisticated depending on whether you dress it up or down. Regardless, you’ll look extremely put together!!!!
See you next time!
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