Socialeras has so many brands to choose from to athletic wear, clothing to bras. You name it! The site connects you with brands that have a purpose. Some brands you’ll find are leather companies that specialize in vegan leather that don’t believe in animal cruelty. Other brands that don’t buy from factories and then the customers end paying the hidden cost for a product so companies can make a profit. The socialeras is a platform that allows the customer to connect to brand that fits their taste and interest.

I had the opportunity to work with a cool brand on the socialeras website called Abeatis an athletic leisure brand. That’s a creative and intuitive balance to help achieve the best performance in total comfort.  Abeatis takes a combination of design and technology by forming a unique functional brand. But yet this brand is about making you the ultimate sporty chic!


What items will you find? You can find matching sports bras and leggings to separates pieces like tops, leggings, or sports bras. At the end of the day, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

One of the brands abeatis a creative athleisure apparel that offers the perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design. 

I have to say I received three pieces from abeatis I was super impressed. The pieces were abeatis Olympia high-waist leggings, abeatis full mesh hoodie, and abeatis pocketed tank bra. Let me give you a break- down of how these pieces made me feel: 

-Olympia high waist leggings I absolutely love these leggings. (And the logo in the back). I’m not a fan of showing my stomach so the fact it’s high-waisted. It gave me the confidence to confrontable with the stomach. It gave me breathability helped suck in my stomach. The fabric is very smooth and flexible that you don’t feel confined. I was amazed at how confrontable these leggings felt. I would definitely recommend these leggings if you’re a sporty chic like me. 

Full mesh hoodie if I’m going to wear a long sleeve…I want it to be comfortable. This hoodie has the perfect material it’s warm and light. Wearing the hoodie has such a breathable material it’s all about comfort. Perfect for the warm-up before you kick your workout into high gear as well as when you’re cooling down after a session. Who doesn’t like the logo!


Now the pocketed tank bra it’s the best sports bra around. I get full coverage and not sagging, I don’t have to worry about anything popping out. Check in the back of the sports bra it Includes a utility pocket and headphone stability slot to ensure that you never miss a beat. I would definitely want to see more tank bra colors.


Defintiely stop by socialeras and check out the sale that’s going on Abeatis in the check out use my code fitsonme. Tell Abeatis I sent you to come and purchase some sporty looks!


Check out their website, and follow their Instagram account @social.eras @abeatisofficial as well as facebook. At checkout use my 10% discount code: Fitsonme (Valid until June 15th).  

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