Anticipation of waiting for New York Fashion Week to start was all that I could think about for the past month and coming weeks. As Fashion Week started I had a full 3 day packed with shows back to back. Why was I so excited to see fashion shows…let me tell you fashion shows are amazing…Although I love the new trends and styles that come down the runway….most of time I’m looking at the attendees on “What They Wore” to fashion connections I could potentially make with fashion minded individuals like myself.
Now, Sunday I went to Vivienne Hu show..first off if you haven’t noticed many of the fashion shows for the second time in a row have been offsite. Which is amazing I want to see how the runway will look and Vivienne Hu didn’t disappoint. Her show was in a offsite location called the Artbeam Gallery, this gallery was very spacious and had the best lighting.  I loved that they took the time to put our names for our seat assignment. Which made it very personal, also Vivienne Hu teamed up with A to G lingerie each guest received a silk tie as a gift…I could totally use it as a scarf around my neck…
Vivienne Hu’s Collection was made up of separates and one pieces that range for the modern or edgy women. I liked that her pieces could be paired with different textures. Take for instances this jacket below, I adore this look, she had a simple puffy jacket and added faux fur to the collar and sleeves…can you say brilliant! 
I enjoyed that each piece was flattering depending on what style women you are, your go-to is wearing a wrapped dress, long maxi, coat, or definitely lace..No matter what style you prefer Vivienne was strategic in making a variety pieces that you can admire or wear! Lastly, she made pieces that were definitely funky but still having a sophisticated appeal! 
 Photos by: Akinyi Ragwar
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