All About the Lips

Let’s talk about E.L.F. Cosmetics. 

One of my favorite beauty brands as I have been using their products for awhile now. Today I want to focus on their lip palette. Most of the time, I am mixing colors! I think it is so fun and neat to see what new colors you can create.

 For this look, I mixed together a pink and dark burgundy through layering. Mixing can be done by pouring a little of each color on your hand, mixing then applying. What I always do though is mix by layering so one coat dark burgundy and the next pink. Not only are both colors amazing alone, but they are fabulous together. I love the results! They go perfect with my blue and neutral outfit. 

When picking out this look, I was going after loose pieces. This outfit flowed nicely, making it great with summers breeze. Not too hot, but just right! As you can see, I wanted to keep everything very neutral. This outfit says a lot, with very little color and no patters. 

Those lips though. 

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