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Hello Happy Wednesday! Beauty Tip: Drink as much lemon water helps skin and body! 
Can I tell you, how much I love lemon water!?!?! The only way I can drink water nowadays by adding slices of lemons (or lime). 
My Lemon Daily Regime: 
1. Cut two slices of lemon (or lime)
2: Get a water bottle preferable with a straw (or any kind of water bottle)
3: Add maybe one or two slices of lemon (or lime) to the water 
4: Use a straw or your hands to squeeze out the lemon (or lime) juice
5: This should last you all day, every time you add water to your water bottle…squeeze more lemon juice from the lemon (or lime) into your water
Lemon water has many health benefits by drinking lemon water everyday helps with weight loss, immune system, clearer skin, and fresh breathe. Especially drinking lemon water in the morning, I have been noticing that my skin looks clearer and several people have been commenting on how good my skin looks. They say that lemon water, helps keep you zen….I don’t feel as stressed and more calmer..maybe?!?! If you feel good inside you’ll definitely look good outside, so lemon water can do the trick. It’s so refreshing to drink lemon water it gives you a well balanced day…Try it!!!! 
Definitely, let me know how lemon water has worked for you! 
See you next time! 
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