Hello Happy Monday! I had a great opportunity to do an article for DOMICILE MAGAZINE, 
a lifestyle magazine that takes pride about connecting with our community in the metropolitan area. Domicile reaches out to businesses or a fashion go-getter by being involved in the community. Domicile Magazine team works hard to show that we all can work together by taking their experiences through networking or just going to a restaurant and eating good food… remember when you could go outside and everyone would say hello to strangers. That’s how I see Domicile a community journey in a magazine.  
So about my article, I talked about “What to Wear This Season-10 looks to try for this winter season”. I wanted to write an article that expressed “my list” of some trendy styles that you can incorporate within your wardrobe. This experience was worth while, I got that itch to write for a magazine which is one of my passions.  Doing this project showed me how to be organize especially for a magazine photo shoot, writing your own article, and finding great poses! So much thought goes into making a successful article. To see my success in print makes me so happy, I’m glad to embark on this great experience and enjoying the finished product.
Read my full article at Domicile Magazine  
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